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Choice of Colors for Your Pole Barn Building – Opt for the Best

Choice of Colors for Your Pole Barn Building – Opt for the Best

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Thinking of renovating your pole barn with the best colors? If so, you need to understand the use of colors. There are plenty of options to choose from such as greens, reds, and of course earth tones. Today, you have multiple options and contractors, and therefore making the best choice is a bit difficult. You don’t know where to begin. Color choice for your barn is not as simple as it seems. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, you should not choose over four shades or colors when it comes to painting a room or building. Make the best choice of colors to improve your pole barn design. 

The number of barn colors 

How many colors you’ll choose is a personal preference, however, the trend is opting for 2-3 tones when it comes to your barn colors. Such color combinations generally include one for the roof, another for the building’s sidewalls, and the last color for the barn trim. Many times, the windows, wainscot, trim, and door colors are painted to match your barn’s roof. You can choose monochrome color scheme and want to paint all of the barn’s elements with a similar color. 

Again, there are splendid options when it comes to choosing four colors. Your barn design components like walk-in doors, overhead doors, cupolas, mansards, and window trim are available in attractive colors. These colors will improve the aesthetics of your barn. So, you have enough choices when it comes to renovating your pole barn with colors. 

Colors the look great

The choice of colors is a relative aspect, but you can make your pick from trending color combinations. For more ideas on color choice for your pole barn, you consult with Wapiti Pacific Contractors serving all of Vancouver. If you like two-color choices that are popular with many clients these days begin with the sidewall color and pair it with trending trim and roof colors. The 2-color combinations are: 

  • Barn Red – Sandstone, Quaker Gray, Snow White, Antique Brown
  • Bone White – Quaker Gray, Evergreen, Pewter Gray
  • White Sand – Antique Brown, Earth Brown, Clay
  • Weathered Gray – Black, Quaker
  • Crinkle Antique Brown – Rawhide, Clay, Barn Red, Sandstone

If you would like to add a third color, you can include Snow White for your barn’s trim. 

Choosing the best colors

First things first, do a reality check of the property’s landscape. Look what colors the other structures have now. You can also notice any specific design elements that are appealing. Make sure that the pole barn shades or colors you choose should synchronize with nearby structures as well as natural features. 

Are you planning to paint the entire building or house as well as other structures on your property? If you’re not so sure of the colors that will match with other buildings on your premises, opt for classic earth colors so that your barn and landscape encompass the maximum of the property’s appeal. 


Now that you have all information handy, opt for the best colors to make your pole barn design stand out from the rest. 

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