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Les Sans-Taverne  |  Mondial de la Bière de MTL 2023

Les Sans-Taverne  |  Mondial de la Bière de MTL 2023

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

May 18 to 21, 2023 at Windsor Station and Rio Tinto Yard Montréal
Thu-Fri 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sat-Sun Noon to 11 p.m. | tickets |

With Stéphane Truchon, coop member – responsible for marketing and events

How long have you been brewing beer and what are your brewery’s core values?
We have been open for almost 5 years (June 28).

Les Sans-Taverne is a small-scale craft brewery, a neighborhood bar with a warm and unpretentious atmosphere, and a self-managed work cooperative by its members. The brewery provides quality beers served at the bar and distributed in cans, bottles, and on tap outside the bar. The bar is a landmark for regulars coming from the neighborhood or further afield; a home base for community life in the Pointe-Saint-Charles district and a gateway to Building 7. It hosts a whole program of social events bringing together the local community (dinners, karaoke, quizzes, and parties), as well as quality artistic and cultural programming (music shows, poetry, exhibitions) highlighting the alternative milieu of Montreal. The worker cooperative operates without
boss, through teamwork and cooperation between its members, and aims to promote the place, its beers, and to ensure quality jobs for its members.

What are the main types of beer you brew?
We touch a lot of styles, our Pale Ale is a bit like our signature beer, brewed since the beginning. Is it a coincidence or a direction, but we brew a lot of German beers which are very popular (Berliner, Gose, Kolsch, and Helles).

What makes your beer unique?
Rather, it is the place. We’re a co-op and we’re also in Building 7. So it’s a social project, to change the world one beer at a time.
Building 7 in a few words: Pointe-Saint-Charles railway vestige reclaimed and transformed into a factory for collective autonomy, with local services, collective workshops, gardens, and neighborhood farmhouse. A self-managed project and a commonplace.

Are you bringing a special beer to Mondial that we should try? If so, what is it and what can you tell us about it?
Yes, we have just brewed a new beer in collaboration with the convenience store/café/dbsq/restaurant Le Kahera, from We were inspired by a beverage they serve on-site. It will be called La Siwa: Une Gose with mango, lime zest, and basil.

What are the plans for the future?
Simply to continue to refine our recipes and offer quality beers at the best possible price. Don’t get fat like too much brewing. Have an impact on the cultural and community world. And small objective: the distribution of beer in bars and restaurants of Quebec.

1900 Rue le Ber, Montréal |