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Planning A Trip To Seattle: Everything You Have To Try

Planning A Trip To Seattle: Everything You Have To Try

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Seattle is a unique city that shouldn’t be a miss on the list of any visitor who comes to Washington State from Vancouver. Vancouver itself is a great hub to travel out of, due to cheap bus options going to various routes.

You can look forward to seeing a place where urban areas and natural beauty live in harmony, and you should be able to enjoy the trip no matter what your hobbies and preferences are. Whether you’re traveling solo, want to have a romantic weekend with your partner, or spend some time with your family, Seattle is the right destination to do so. All the urban and natural locations are more than enough to keep you and your fellow travelers entertained. Here’s everything you have to try when planning a trip to Seattle.

Visit The Iconic Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is the ideal place for those who want to blend in with locals and immerse in Seattle’s vibe. You can wander through the stands of fresh seafood vendors and try out produce that’s currently in season. You could also visit some of the local restaurants and taste some of the best dishes the city’s cuisine has to offer. Brighten your day by buying a bouquet of flowers and soak in the atmosphere. Browse through the markets and support the local economy by visiting some of the galleries and buying crafts, antiques, and other products from the vendors. You might be able to get a unique souvenir from your travels and get a taste of life in Seattle.

Spend Some Time In The Seattle Center

The first thing that comes to your mind when you’re planning to visit Seattle could be the Space Needle. So, you might want to plan your visit for the very first day of your city adventure. Whether you arrive by train or take the bus from Vancouver to Seattle with Wanderu, you can look forward to stunning views and a fantastic atmosphere from the minute you enter the city. The Space Needle is located in the Seattle Center – but the location offers much more than the building that’s so iconic for the city’s landscape. You can visit the Pacific Science Center, museums like MoPOP, or some of the beautiful gardens in the area, too.

Leave Your Mark On The Gum Wall

Is this the first time you’ve heard of the Gum Wall? Well, it’s exactly what it says on the tin – a wall where people can stick their chewing gum. It’s completely understandable if it sounds rather disturbing to some travelers. And even if it’s no Space Needle, it’s a place that’s connected to the city and is worth visiting. You can find the wall near the Pike Place Market’s main entrance and stop by the wall when you’re wandering through the city. While you’re there, you might as well take the opportunity to leave your mark on the city and add to the collection the wall bears. 

Enjoy Time In The Nature

Even though Seattle is an urban area, there are plenty of locations where you can get closer to nature and fill your lungs with some fresh air. Any nature lover shouldn’t miss the visit to the Washington Park Arboretum. You can enjoy the number of trails that will take you through the woodlands and allow you to enjoy some of the beautiful natural shorelines. It’s run by the University of Washington’s Botanic Gardens, so you can look forward to seeing delicate flowers and plants all year round. Another place where you can go for a hike is the Burke Gilman Trail. Such trails might help you to cut through the city and enjoy some peace in nature at the same time.

Indulge In Thrifting Adventures

Seattle is famously a place where grunge subculture originated – with Nirvana and Pearl Jam as some of the most popular games in the genre. If you’d like to dive deeper into the subculture, you might be able to find a thrift store that could help you to embrace grunge. However, Seattle has thrift stores in every part of the city, and you should be able to find something that would meet your needs no matter what your style is. Some of the best stores can be found in the U-District, where most of the clothes are donated by the students living in the area. The culture of thrifting in the city is truly diverse, and there is something for everyone.

Explore Some Of The Most Famous Places In Seattle

As you can see, Seattle is full of places that you shouldn’t miss on your itineraries – such as the Space Needle or the Pike Place Market. And even the Gum Wall isn’t the most amazing thing you’ll ever see, it’s part of the city’s culture, and you won’t make a mistake by visiting the area. Remember, you will be able to get to this city with ease out of Vancouver. When you want a break from the bustling city, take advantage of some of the local trails and spend time in nature. The fresh air might help you to avoid getting overwhelmed and find your grounding again. Visiting independent shops and thrift stores might help you to support the local economy and make sure that the city is just as welcoming to any visitors that come in the future.

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