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Playlist x Baronmag: 41 Tracks | APRIL 2023 | #4

Playlist x Baronmag: 41 Tracks | APRIL 2023 | #4

Published by Programme B

Adeline V. Lopez | Lost in Translation

Ferielle | JETER UN SORT

Hervé Paul | La Terre Tourne

Bevelers | Marys Peak

Moon and Aries | Resolutions

Glamour Lakes | Native Coils

Hybride | BAD LOVE

Edie Yvonne | Stain

Alexis Guichard | It’s not the end of the world

DWQ | Deep Cut Thin Lines

Romance in Detroit | Okay to Say

Vladislav Lobanovski | Negotiator

Rob Lalain | The Way

Eric van Aro | Open Relationship Blues

A.A. SARL | Lapis Lazuli

PIB dj | The Best is Yet to Come

Allcvps | Brume

Pierre Laurendeau Where Do We Go From Here ?

Rick and Sarah Blasi | Tonight

Kind Beast | Highway Madness

Anthony Ortiz | Fall For You

Paul Behnam | Phallocratique

Brett will | Welcome To Boston

Amal Jose | Book Of Songs

Whynotfrank | waiting for, ready for

Romain Gutsy | I’m James Bond

John Gallen | Je M’en Fous

Totten Bridge | Perfect Day

Thyle | ma io e te

Knafo | Concealed as the Norm

Chris Beer | Out of the blue (Seismo Remix)

Dina Jeanne | L’air du temps

Euro5tar | Americano

Origami Aquém | Bebê Conforto

Drew Schueler | 20s

JIM-SET | graduation

Lauri-Anne Francoeur | Le vent

NEVILL | Sur le bas-côté

Igor Iov | Lendemain

August Hall | Leaving Arizona

Tainted Tazz | Hit List

Photo by Yaroslava Borz x