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The Top 5 Best Food-Centric Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

The Top 5 Best Food-Centric Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Published by Programme B

Father’s Day is approaching fast — it’s on Sunday, June 18th, for those who didn’t instinctively know! Father’s Day provides a dedicated, extra-special day to celebrate dad or the fatherly figure in your life. For children, it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to let their dad know how much they mean to them, and as adults, it’s a great time to show your dad, or your partner, just how much you appreciate everything they do for your family.

If dad is a food aficionado — a real connoisseur of the finer, delectable things in life — this post might help you conjure an excellent gift idea! Here, we’ve highlighted the top five best gifts for Father’s Day for the guy who loves all things food related.

1. Tickets for a Cookery Class

A cookery class is a great experiential gift for the dad who enjoys cooking. Check restaurants near you for in-person workshops or look online at event-hosting websites for virtual courses. Try to find cookery workshops that are outside of his culinary comfort zone — that way, he can try something new and learn about flavours and dishes from faraway regions.

2. Seek a Coveted Kitchen Accessory

Keep a keen ear out. If Dad often complains about the coffee maker or how his homemade bread doesn’t rise, consider getting him a gadget to help him out. In these instances, a new espresso machine or a bread maker will indeed please!

3. Send Him a Selection of Gourmet Treats

If dad is a fan of sweet and indulgent treats, consider getting him a luxury gift basket as offered by Ontario-based Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets. Here, you can choose from hundreds of elevated gifting solutions that are laden with lavish (and top-tier) chocolates, candies, nuts, cookies, and cheeses, which are sure to wow Dad. If you’re in Ontario, you can add a bottle of red, white, or sparkling wine. 

Bonus: This is a great gifting solution if Dad lives farther afield, as baskets can be delivered all over North America.

4. Pick Up Vouchers for His Favourite Restaurant

If Dad has a favourite haunt, he visits on special occasions, why not treat him to dinner on you? You can even include seats for the whole family. Dining together not only offers the option of enjoying a delicious meal, but it’s also an opportunity to make memories as a family.

5. Cook Dad’s Favourite Dish

If Dad loves eating food but he’s not too keen on making it, consider creating his favourite meal from the comfort of home.  You can even go as far as to bake his favourite kind of cake while you’re at it. This may be a classic victoria sponge cake, or a delicious chocolate cake, just remember it needs to be his favourite, not yours! Stock up on his favourite beverages and source a movie or a TV show he’s been eager to see. Rent a projector from your local library and make a night of it.


We hope that his rundown has given you food for thought. If you’re lucky enough to have a dad who’s always there when you need him, make sure that you let him know how much you appreciate, love and care for him by going a step (or two) beyond a card or a quick phone call. Really consider his favourite things, and get him a gift or an experience that’s sure to thrill. 

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