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Playlist x Baronmag: 41 Tracks | JUNE 2023 | #2

Playlist x Baronmag: 41 Tracks | JUNE 2023 | #2

Published by Programme B

Of Course x Sur le sable

Raph x Lawd

Leadoff Runner x Paulie Walnuts

S. J. Jananiy x Believe in You

La Corde Raide   x Cilaos

Kihmy x In Vain

Emanuel Tägil x The Funnel Water Slide

Airis x Me Laisse Pas

Les BriSKArds x (en)Lassée

ALBA x Oui chérie ?

Akiasha x Needless

Mada Mada x Océana

Trash Candide x Trop gentil

naya x vaguémo

Cold Equations x Eraser

Free the Cynics x Start a War

Bikini Test Failure x Nip And Tuck

Train Conductor x Left Undone

ifʎʎellow x morals

Alessia Brightly x DNA

Ooberfuse x Show Me Love – featuring Newroz Oremari

Mister Co. x Don’t Talk About It

MP Grey x Run

Perfeck Dark x Alchemy

CAPTAIN FANCH’ x Les petits tracas

CALISTA x I promised

American Bully x Black And Blue

Arkavello x Home Sweet Home

Arana Bright x Exile

Christophe Lorient x Ça fait du bien

Ryan Burger x My Rightful Place

James Gale x Heavy

Noah Naas x Les remords ne meurent jamais

Augmented Hearts x Seth

Dirty Mitts x You Better Run! (Villains Theme)

The Masterminds x Standing Our Ground

NAïFiC x Lettre à France

Jordsand x Les nocifs (que reviennent)

Claire Derib’ x On ira voir la mer

Ellanika x Solitude

Bret Nybo  x Bounce

Photo by Wellington Cunha