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Recently Divorced? Here’s What You Should Do Now

Recently Divorced? Here’s What You Should Do Now

Published by Programme B

Getting divorced is always emotional, though no two divorces are the same. Some people are devastated to learn someone they love doesn’t feel that way about them anymore, while others are relieved to exit a relationship that isn’t making them feel happy or safe.

Divorced people may feel conflicting emotions, like joy that a burdensome relationship is over, and sadness over what could have been. Marriages, like every relationship, are unique, and so are divorces. 

Still, you should do a few things in the wake of a divorce to help make you feel better and get back on your feet. 

Stay Healthy

Any disruptive life event carrying feelings of sadness or pain is liable to make people seek comfort in things that can be unhealthy if done excessively. It may be easier said than done but try to abstain from binge eating fatty food or consuming too much alcohol. 

There’s a difference between eating ice cream and eating a pint of it or having a glass of wine with dinner versus drinking bottles at a time. Fight through any urge to wallow in self-pity and keep up your usual routines and stay healthy.

Get a Great Holistic Divorce Lawyer 

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, it helps to find a lawyer with an empathetic approach to divorce, especially if you have children. Such lawyers advocate for more than parental rights or maximizing the assets split. 

Instead, they see the full picture and work towards the best resolution for you and your family. You may be divorced from your partner, but when you have kids with them, you need an amicable foundation to move forward together and share responsibilities, even if from a distance.

The lawyer you choose will help stabilize your finances moving forward and resolve a messy situation quickly. They need to be a committed professional, but ideally, they have a holistic approach to divorce. 

Take Your Time 

How long should you wait before getting into a new relationship? It’s impossible to say with any certainty or precision but try not to rush headlong into making any commitments. 

If you meet someone great shortly after the split, they should understand that you need some time to process the end of your marriage. Don’t be afraid to take the time you need. It’s natural to feel vulnerable or alone in the immediate aftermath of a divorce. While you’re free to do as you please, it’s probably best not to run to a dating app or use a new crush as an emotional crutch.

Talk to the friends and family in your inner circle. Know that you’re never alone! They’ll always be there for you! After you sort through your emotions and feel whole again, then you can work on finding a partner or moving on in another direction.

There isn’t a universal path for everyone to take after a divorce. In general, if you get your financial and parenting affairs in order and take care of your mental and physical health, you’ll be in a good position to move on.