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How to know if an online casino is reliable in 2024

How to know if an online casino is reliable in 2024

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There are a lot of online casinos out there. We’re going to let you in on a little secret, though — not all online casinos are reliable. There are some actual scams out there, and some sites which just aren’t worth your time gambling at. Today, our goal is to help you determine whether an online casino is reliable or not. After all, with so many online casinos out there, why should you resign yourself to playing somewhere that falls short of your expectations.


Read reviews


Online casino players are pretty cool people. We keep an eye out for each other. When we find reliable online casinos in Ontario and elsewhere, we tell people. When we find a bad online casino, we tell people. This means that your first port of call when determining whether an online casino is likely to be reliable or not is to simply read reviews.

Reading reviews will often tell you everything that you really need to know about an online casino. You’ll learn the overall experience a person has had with the site, including whether they have come across any issues), whether they have solid bonuses and the types of games available.

If you want to get started with tracking down a reliable online casino in 2024, we list a few favourites at the end, which you should consider visiting alongside brick-and-mortar casinos in Ontario

Check the site licensing

Next, it is time to have a look at the site licensing. Although, to be honest, if you have found a decent review website, then it should let you know whether the online casino is licensed.

The licensing is exceedingly important. When an online casino is licensed, it means that it abide by some very specific rules about running its platform. Basically, there is government oversight. The site needs to ensure that it is treating its customers fairly, that the games are fair, and that there are processes in place to help protect the customer if they have any issues. A site can only legally operate if it has a license, so if it doesn’t, then the site should be avoided.

Not only should you focus on site licensing, but you also want to check whether the online casino has any independent verification for the games that they have available. For instance, do external agencies check to ensure that the games available are programmed fairly and give the correct odds. It isn’t a huge dealbreaker if this doesn’t happen at an online casino. The site licensing should be enough. It could just be a little bit of a sweetener when you are gambling at certain online casinos. 

Check their withdrawal options

Deposit options are normally fast. Even scam online casinos want your money, so having a ton of deposit options and fast deposits doesn’t really let you know whether the site is legitimate or not. The withdrawal options let you know more about the reliability of the platform.

In 2024, there are a few things that you want to be keeping an eye out for on your selected online casino:

  • The withdrawal options that are available
  • How long it takes to withdraw cash from your account
  • Whether there are any fees involved with withdrawals
  • The minimum withdrawal amount

Unreliable casinos tend to have a high minimum withdrawal amount in a bid to try and keep as much cash in their system as possible. They will often have fees associated with withdrawals too. That’s not to say that the more reliable online casinos in 2024 will not have fees associated with withdrawals. Some withdrawal methods will have associated fees, but the fee will be nominal.

By looking at the withdrawal options and the speed of withdrawals, you can ascertain rather quickly how reputable an online casino is. 

Check their customer support

Limited or non-existent customer support? Well, that’s bad! A good online casino will have a solid customer support structure in place, as they’ll know from market research that their target audience wants support and other key features to be available. They want to help their customers if they run into any issues. In fact, many places legally require online casinos to have a support system in place. If the site makes it difficult to get in touch with customer support, then that is a website that you really need to be giving a pass. 

Does the online casino offer a mobile casino?

We know that not everybody gambles at a mobile casino, and that is fine. Sometimes, we find it a lot more fun to gamble on our computer. However, we still pay attention to platforms that provide the option for mobile gambling. This is because, to us, the mobile casino symbolizes that the site has invested heavily in itself. This means that they are much more reliable.

If an online casino doesn’t have a mobile option in 2024 whether through a mobile app or its website, then you really need to ask yourself ‘Why?’, and 90% of the time, it is because the site is unreliable. 

Our recommendations for the top online casinos in 2024

Now you should have the tools you need to determine whether an online casino is reliable in 2024. We want to wrap up by letting you know about two of our favorite online gambling platforms. Check these out. You won’t regret it. 

FireVegas Casino

Are you a fan of slot machines? You might want to check out FireVegas Casino. This platform is easily one of the best for online slots with hundreds of games to choose from. With awesome bonuses, and other casino games available, this may well be one of the best casino platforms in 2024.

Casino Days

Casino Days is a reliable online casino game provider with over 2,000 games available. They offer some great first deposit bonuses, and new games are being added on a regular basis. It is certainly a platform that you’ll want to check out. 

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