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The Ingredients Of An Award-Winning Restaurant

The Ingredients Of An Award-Winning Restaurant

Published by Programme B

Most entrepreneurs believe that setting up restaurants is a low-margin business opportunity. It’s only something you do if you really have run out of other ideas. 

However, it can be a potent strategy if you can build a restaurant that wins awards and attracts the lion’s share of local business. But how can you achieve that and get people queuing out of the door every evening? Let’s take a look. 


Create A Memorable Atmosphere

The first step is to create a memorable atmosphere. You want the restaurant to feel like it is a natural part of the local area, adding to the culture and vibe of the place. 


Most award-winning restaurants do this by consulting with experienced interior designers. Many owners take risks in their aesthetics to create spaces that appeal to their target audience but also make people feel relaxed and happy during the dining experience. (Formality is great, but you need to get it right). 


Constant Commitment To Excellence


Another feature of top restaurants is their commitment to excellence. Head chefs regularly browbeat staff, ensuring they meet the needs of customers instead of standing around texting on their phones. 


This commitment to excellence should shine through with the food and drinks. Dishes should taste delicious and unique, not like you’ve heated them in the microwave. 


Look for new ways to add flair to finished plates. Serve dishes on unusual crockery or add microgreens for added effect. 


Make It Convenient


You can also make life more convenient for customers. Letting them pay at the table can be a great way to improve the experience and prevent them from looking around awkwardly at the end to ask for the bill. 


Balance Your Flavors

You also want to ensure you balance your flavors properly. Everything should work together with everything else. 

Ensure that chefs understand the basic rules for crafting entrées. Dishes should bring together acid, heat, fat, and salt, with optional sweetness, depending on the style of cuisine you prefer. 

You don’t need to include all these elements, but you should aim to add as many as you can. Most classic dishes build on these foundations for superior results. 

Tell A Story

The best restaurants also tell a story that goes beyond the food they serve. While the dishes themselves are important, the top establishments understand that they can enhance the overall experience by taking their diners on a culinary tour. 


That might sound like a strange concept, but it is one of the best ways to add value. If diners can relate to the food you serve, they are more likely to tell their friends about your restaurants and what makes them special. (This sort of strategy is the best way to build a waiting list, giving your establishment even more prestige). 


Creative Dishes


Finally, building an award-winning restaurant requires developing creative dishes. You want to combine various flavors in new ways, pushing the boundaries and surprising diners. People should expect to have new experiences at your restaurants, trying foods they’ve never had the pleasure of sampling before.