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Closure | Cassel Brewery

Closure | Cassel Brewery

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Based in Casselman Ontario, Cassel Brewery announced after 12 years the end of their operation

Message by cofounder Mario Bourgeois on Cassel Brewery website
Twelve years ago today, alongside Benjamin Bercier and Michel Racine, I embarked on a journey aboard the craft beer train, becoming the 8th brewery in eastern Ontario. Throughout the years, we forged countless friendships and were fortunate to have exceptional employees by our side.
While Michel played a crucial role in our early stages, familial and career commitments led him to depart in 2015. We extend our heartfelt thanks for his invaluable contributions, including the creation of our first logo—a milestone etched vividly in memory.
Our aspiration was clear: to see our beers on every LCBO shelf in the province. Despite the growing competition, our unwavering determination fueled our pursuit of this goal.
Many of you are aware of the financial challenges we’ve faced. In December 2018, confronted with the choice of closure or transition to a pub setting, our dedicated private investors, to whom we owe immense gratitude, enabled us to pursue the latter. Special thanks are due to Brian & Terry Lafleur whose financial support made this transition possible.
Subsequently, Benjamin chose a different path, relocating to Saskatchewan with his spouse. I’d like to extend my utmost appreciation to Benjamin who dedicated many years of his life to this great project. We had our moments of disagreement but we always ended up reaching a middle ground. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.
In January 2019, renovations commenced at 2 Racine St., culminating in our reopening in July of the same year. Initial months of operation signaled positive momentum, affirming our decision’s soundness. However, the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020 precipitated a profound downturn. Since then, each day has presented formidable challenges.
Over a million liters of beer, distributed across bottles, cans, and kegs, symbolize the immense effort invested. Countless kilograms of grain, hops, and billions of yeast colonies underscore the magnitude of our endeavor.
Regrettably, the time has come to announce the closure of Cassel Brewery Company.
Despite steadfast efforts to restore financial stability, circumstances dictate this difficult decision.
Business success is often determined by net profit margin. I consider Cassel Brewery a success, money aside obviously. The journey of the past twelve years has enriched me with invaluable experiences and opportunities, shaping the entrepreneur I am today.
To our loyal patrons, whether regulars or chance visitors, I extend sincere gratitude. It has been an honor to occupy a place in your refrigerators and glasses, enhancing summer evenings and winter nights alike.
To the craft beer community, I express profound appreciation for your camaraderie and support—a rare quality in today’s competitive landscape.
Special acknowledgment is owed to Nicolas Malboeuf of Tuque de Broue, whose assistance prolonged our journey, albeit ultimately without the desired outcome.
In reflecting on this chapter’s closure, I am filled not with regret, but with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.
Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey.
Mario Bourgeois