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4 Training Tips to Keep Workouts Fun

4 Training Tips to Keep Workouts Fun

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

We all go through times when we know we need to train, but it just doesn’t feel fun anymore – or the enjoyment isn’t the same. 

Sometimes we need to do an overhaul and look at everything we’re doing – from diet to supplementation. Often our muscle-building goals can simply be complemented by finding a place to order steroids online in Canada, then taking them alongside our training regime for better results and more motivation. 

Still need some hints and tips for keeping training fun? Read on – here’s how to do it!

Turn it into a circuit…

This is a super helpful way to stop your exercise routine from becoming far too dull and repetitive. It also helps in the long run with boredom, too.  

It might be that you’ve had enough of actually going to the gym and want to do more home-based exercise – especially if you’re fed up with running or biking for an hour straight alongside other people. 

This is where circuit training helps. It keeps your heart rate up, gives you some variety, and you can switch up the moment you’re bored – do a few minutes on a bike, followed by fifteen minutes running or other cardio…

You’ll still build endurance, but there’s so much more variety and less monotony – that means you’re less likely to give up. 

Buddy up with someone

Workout buddies can breathe new life into your exercise. Of course, exercise is fun alone – but sometimes having that interaction with someone else when you train makes all the difference.

Training with someone else means you’re less likely to get bored or walk away from a routine early. A workout buddy will also hold you accountable (and likewise, you to them!). Having someone to train with means there’s someone to share the highs and lows with and it can be a real motivator! 

It can also be a great benefit if there’s a particular exercise you know you get good results from but find boring. Doing this with a friend can help engage you more. It’ll mean you’re having a laugh, but still getting it done and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. 

Keep your gym training varied

Adding some variety is key to keeping things fun. Try a few things you’ve never done before – you only need to do them once or twice to see if they’re worth sticking with. Stuck for ideas? Hit a search engine up with ‘fun physical exercises for adults’ and see what inspires you. 

Even think about trying an entirely new sport or game! There’s genuinely no limit to the number of things to try to keep exercise fun and motivating. Don’t be afraid to shake it up.

Here’s a shocker – cut down your exercise time!

It’s a shocker! However, if your current workout is boring the pants off you. Cut it down. It’s that easy. Stopping for a little while – or cutting down will allow you to refocus, gather, and find some new exercises to try. Instead of doing two hours on one routine you hate – halve it.  Schedule it, stick to it, and make the most of that time – but don’t pressure yourself to do it anymore if it’s not working for you.