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How Can Hosts Make Their Company Event Stand Out?

How Can Hosts Make Their Company Event Stand Out?

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Everybody likes a good party, but business events have an extra need to stand out. If you ask partners, customers, and colleagues to attend an event in their spare time, you must ensure they genuinely enjoy themselves.

This can be challenging since the movers and shakers in society attend such events regularly. How can you make your event stand out against all the others? Here are a few keys.

Quality Food and Drinks

When the fundamentals are executed well, they don’t need to be imaginative. If you serve guests food and drinks they enjoy, they’ll be in a better mood all night. On the flip side, hungry or dissatisfied eaters do not make very happy guests. 

You don’t need to order the most expensive items on the catering menu, but be thoughtful in your selection. Choosing food that genuinely delights people ensures your party is off to a great start.

Lights and Sound 

No matter how important you think lighting and proper sound are to a party, they play an even larger role than that! People respond instinctively to both. On a reflexive level, the right lighting can make somebody’s mood soar, while great sound makes their bodies move. 

Connect with a service near you to learn about all the lighting and sound options available, as they are more various and sophisticated than you may think. You can also contact them to get your audio-visual equipment installed and overseen throughout the duration of the event, so you can focus on your guests.

The best companies supply the latest equipment, but they also do consulting, delivery, and handle the console the night of the event. They provide 3D mapping, a whole range of lighting options for event type of event, and technical support for live streaming, music, and any other digital technology.

Any level of support you need, they’ll be right there. 


What kind of gifts are you sending people home with? They probably don’t need another pen with your corporate branding on it or other inexpensive items seemingly designed to promote your business more than be of use to them. 

If you’re printing clothes, produce something you think people would actually want to wear in their spare time. You don’t need to spend a fortune but try to put something thoughtful and interesting in the swag bag.

Mix of People

Finally, when there’s a genuinely exciting mix of people in a room, the other considerations tend to fall by the wayside. If you’re eager to meet new contacts and old friends or colleagues all in the same room, that’s probably a very good party. 

What constitutes the right blend of people changes depending on the nature of the work event, as every sector and company within it has its quirks. But connecting with people is what the heart of a part is all about. 

If your event satisfies any of the above criteria, it’ll surely be a memorable night. If you tick off every box, your guests will count down the days until your next party.

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