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Cardboard World: COMPACT

Cardboard World: COMPACT

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

‘’COMPACT cardboard furniture is designed for a new age with new needs and for a new world where sustainability is a worldwide concern that moves industries, individuals and designers. Unfortunately this is not the only problem as markets are flooded with products and consumers are getting lost in the way due to the weakening interface between users and product.’’ Portuguese designer Pedro Gomes is very passionate talking about COMPACT, his affordable cardboard furniture and housing unite. According to him, ”This product can and should change the way we help the homeless and resolve some of the housing crises the modern world is facing.”

Baron : Can you explain the concept of the compact cardboard furniture?
Pedro Gomes : COMPACT is a new product that aims to create a different solution for social to production sustainability issues. The concept was to create a puzzle like furniture design that could redefine modular solutions. Working with a symmetric modular shape, the pieces were designed for easy assembly and to fit in 5 flat boards. The flat design allows easy transportation reducing costs and making it available to more people. All the components are designed for easy interlocking areas that when glued together creates a strong and solid structure. COMPACT provides multiple areas for storage that alternate depending how the modules are set together.

To create a more dynamic design, COMPACT also has two areas designed in recycled PP, where one of the areas is for normal storage and the other offers a unique lightning solution. The lamp holder also comes attached to one of the cardboard components and allows an easy assembly of the lamp screw.

COMPACT aims to create new ways of interaction between user and the product. Appealing to its active participation, it creates stronger bonds between product and consumer which are enhanced by the multiple modular arrangements of the unit. COMPACT can adapt to any situation, need or space.

COMPACT also allows the printing of any patterns on the cardboards allowing it to reach and please every kind of customer.

All the materials are recycled and recyclable to strengthen its sustainability reach. The materials were carefully chosen to make this product as cheap as possible.

B . : Is there an interest on the cardboard concept from companies? or any demand from individuals?
P. G. : After the great success on the Internet and several international publications, COMPACT now has several pre-production orders and is being produced in a partnership design production.  Compact will be available by the end of the year.

B : What’s next?
P. G. : Fortunately right now I have several projects in process.  One of the most important is a partnership with a company to design and produce an affordable cardboard shelter unit for distribution within homeless communities. The project resulted from an investigation and research with homeless helping centers and is now in progress. I do hope to take it abroad and make it happen worldwide.

LOOPLIGHT is another project I’m taking into production. It is a lamp design in 100% recycled Polypropylene where the same lamp can be shaped in 4 different forms.

B. : What about the Portugal design community?

P. G. : The Portuguese design community I believe that it is becoming stronger, better and well-known. I feel that there is still a lack of links between designers and industries but the problem is fading away and new opportunities, partnerships and investments are making us stronger.

COMPACT is available for order: please send email to [email protected]