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Paciocco : A Chair-Library-Hammock

Paciocco : A Chair-Library-Hammock

Published by Nelson Roberge

Carlotta Simoncello Bordignon and Tomas Bordignon went to study industrial design in Dublin, Ireland before returning to their home country of Italy and specifically in the town of Bassano del Grappa. Upon their return they decided to start their own box design company,  Punto Soave . They designed, among other things, a chair hammock called Paciocco. It was after the invention of this unique chair that Baron spoke with Tomas to learn a little more about their business and Paciocco.

Baron : How is the industrial design industry for freelancers like you in Italy? where do you stand?
Tomas Bordignon : Today, everything is difficult in Italy. This is not due to a lack of work opportunity in the field. If you have contacts or recommendations from people in higher positions you can find a place. So why not challenge that? Why not create your own business? This is what we did. Having a dream is everything in life. It is the hardest part in the reality!

B: What is the main idea behind the design of Paciocco chair?
TB: Paciocco is a strange chair. It has no real identity. It is a hybrid of a chair and a hammock. The challenge in terms of the design was originally to solve the issue of transportation. The first question was: “Is it possible to design a chair that is easily transportable and can actually be mailed to another person?” From there came the idea of ​​not using screws, nails or glue, but rather to have recourse of a locking structure. Once the structure and joints were created, we focused on the design of the seat. Paciocco was impressive, and we did not want it to seem too heavy a chair aesthetically. So we tried to find a lighter seat and what better than a hammock? It was perfect – an imposing structure and a very light seat! From these concepts Paciocco was born.

B: Which part of this item do you prefer the most?
TB: There are several, the absence of a rigid structure, all of the locking system and, last but not the least, the idea of using ​​a hammock. This chair is so versatile that you can use any type of material and colors to create your own Paciocco.

B: Is it a single prototype or have you been able to industrialize it by producing a few more?
TB: The idea is to take advantage of the local crafts and craftsmen. Here in northern Italy, we have really outstanding workers. We built a prototype first and we are now able to produce a dozen chairs in the space of 30 days.

B: As a designer, what is the best advice someone has gaven you ?
TB: It’s simple. “Try it!”

B : What is the best advice you can give in return?
TB: It’s simple too. I go from “Try it!” to “Prove it!”

B: If i have to go to Bassano Del Grappa, what is the one thing that I absolutely cannot miss? Is it a band? A business? Or a place? And why?
TB: Bassano is a small town at the foot of the mountains. It is a medieval city. Its castle, city walls and its parks are unique. Honestly, I would not recommend any specific location. In Bassano, everything is beautiful!