Loïc Bard, a cabinet master


A graduate froml’École d’ébénisterie d’artde Montréalin 2012, Loïc Bard is interested in the creation of small objects, jewelry and furniture. "I try to integrate traditional artistic techniques and woodworking to create unique objects or limited series. I mainly find my inspiration during my travels and in architectures. More recently my work is inspired by my childhood memories of people around me and encounters. My creations are realized by exploring forms while respecting this noble material that is wood".


Baron: What was the spark that got  you started?

Loïc Bard: It was 4 years ago when I went back to the l’École d’ébénisterie d’artde Montréal. My teacher  transferred me her passion and then I knew what I wanted to do!

B. Why did you choose wood?

L. B.: During my childhood and adolescence, there was a carpenter shop in my village and I spent much of my free time to help him in manufacturing small objects. It is during that time that I fell in love with this material.

B.: What is the most beautiful thing about your work?

L. B.: My work tells my story, my past or present, and the most beautiful emotion is, when someone is able to tell me about his/her own history and emotion derived from my work. I then have a feeling of accomplishment.


B.: What is the most difficult challenge you have faced?

L. B.: From a technical and artistic point of view, my biggest challenge has been designing and manufacturing my graduation project in 2012, the Chicago Low table: creating an artistic and functional job pushing the boundaries of the functional object and the preconceived idea of ​​furniture.

B.: Your wildest dream project?

L. B. I appreciate the work of many architects, in particular, Zaha Hadid. My dream project would be to mee and to work on a project with her, a dream project, a little crazy, but who knows...


B.: For you creation rhyme with...?

L. B.: Creation rhymes with emotion. I try to convey my emotions through my work and I love to trigger an emotional process within the viewers when they see my work.

B.: What did you like about Solstice (a network creative event in Montréal)? Why did you agree to participate?

L. B.: I like to exchange and share my experience with other designers and a networking event like Solstice is an opportunity to meet new people and expand my knowledge. It is important for artists to help one another and exchange ideas to develop their artistic practice and to spread the arts to a wider audience.