Leica releases the beautiful lo-fi M-P Rangefinder camera


“It’s perfectly understated,” says Leica of the newest addition to its expansive family of cameras. Pared down to the most essential functions, the Leica M-P rangefinder is a study in the beauty of simplicity.

The model is based on the company’s M (Typ 240), but is twice as large as its older counterpart, allowing users the flexibility to shoot up to 24 images at three frames per second. Additionally, the camera features the latest Leica M firmware and has updated features such as a virtually unbreakable sapphire glass LCD display.

The new M-P is available in black paint or silver chrome finish, and comes without the traditional red Leica logo for a more minimalistic look. If you can shell out the cash for a Leica, they’re one of the best in the game. Article continues at  here.

source: Selectism