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Sep 18 - Jan 25
234 Bay Street,Toronto, M5K 1B2

Design Exchange (DX) has partnered with Canadian fashion icon Jeanne Beker to present "Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics."

The exhibition will explore the numerous ways fashion has helped ignite political awareness and at the same time, how politics have dictated style through the decades. "I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Design Exchange on this fascinating and timely exhibit," commented Beker. "Fashion has become such an integral part of our pop vocabulary, and has the ability to help communicate such a wide variety of ideological notions. While many perceive fashion to be mere decoration, some of our culture's probing and creative minds have come to regard fashion as a vibrant platform for a variety of political messaging.

Whether or not fashion has the power to change the world may be questionable. But it certainly has the power to change the way we see the world, and ultimately ourselves." Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics will guide visitors on a thematic journey of video, photography, and garments from the archives of the world's foremost designers and collectors. The exhibition content will span from 1960 to present day. The social and political issues faced at the beginning of modern dress will be evaluated alongside those we're facing now, provoking us to examine where fashion is positioned on the road to further progress.