10 things to do at the Ontario Scene - 28th of April


01. The Postcard Project II
City: Ottawa
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: The Postcard Project II is a site-specific public installation and performance developed by artist BASIL ALZERI with the City of Ottawa’s Community Arts + Social Engagement Program. The work references archived postcards to recreate a set of ephemeral Canadian objects that will be shared and distributed to the public.

02. Artist Talk with Diane Borsato
City: Gatineau
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: Join us for an artist talk and conversation with artist Diane Borsato as she discusses recent projects made with beekeepers, mushroomers, astronomers, dancers and others, in collaboration with major institutions, art galleries, and local organizations. Diane Borsato has established an international reputation for her social and interventionist practices, performance, video, photography, and sculpture. She has been concerned with social and experiential modes of learning, and worked closely with various other practitioners including artists, dancers, and amateur naturalists. Borsato was recently the Artist in Residence at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where she produced Your Temper, My Weather (2013), a major durational performance involving the participation of 100 professional and amateur beekeepers for Nuit Blanche 2013.

03. Danko Jones with Say Yes and Eagleson
City: Ottawa
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: Fronted by potent lead singer and guitarist DANKO JONES, this bluesy, eponymous rock trio’s sound is firmly rooted in the tradition of Thin Lizzy and AC/DC, but with a driving, infectious energy that is wholly original. Tireless road warriors, they have built a massive following abroad, regularly selling out venues throughout Western Europe, and have opened for or toured with the likes of Motörhead, Our Lady Peace, Guns N’ Roses, and the Rolling Stones.

04. Calling all street dancers promo
Location: Ottawa
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: Battle + Beats

05. Gallery Crawl promo
Location: Ottawa
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: Experience art across the city.

06. Powwow Boot Camp
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: If you’re looking for a way to re-energize your training routine, look no further than POWWOW BOOT CAMP.

07. Close To Home: Ontario Fiction
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: From our bedrooms to the boardroom, from battlefields to hospital waiting rooms, conflict is our constant companion. For Close to Home, Ontario Scene welcomes three acclaimed Ontario authors for a session on war, peace, and the spaces between the two.

08. Human Nature
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: Human Nature presents the work of 14 contemporary Ontario artists who look at the state of the natural world and our impact on it as innovators and exploiters, creators and destroyers. Exploring a range of such critical issues as food production, habitat loss, post-industrialization, and natural disaster, Human Nature is by turns humorous and hopeful, utopian and dystopian. The works investigate the history and consequences of colonization, consider decaying infrastructure, find new uses for industrial waste, propose sci-fi alternatives to everyday life, and even encourage the sharing of food and stories. Taken together, the works of these artists reflect on the complex interconnection of nature, culture, and technology.


Occupying CARLETON UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY’s entire space, Human Nature is an ambitious project that includes installations, video, sculpture, painting, and outdoor sculpture and performance by some of Ontario’s most provocative artists.

09. BioART: Collaborating with Life
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: A lawn that mows itself, human cells co-cultured with apple cores, a feminist re-interpretation of military camouflage, and the ultimate locavore culinary experience: what do they have in common? They’re all artworks in BioART: Collaborating with Life.

10. Ontario in Âjagemô : Selections from the Canada Council Art Bank
Link: nac-cna.ca
Info: Ontario boasts a rich history of visual and media arts – due in large part to its size, diversity, and vibrant urban centres. But is Ontario art distinct? Do Ontario artists have a single, discernible viewpoint? A unique cultural psychology? Judge for yourself at this exhibition in the Canada Council’s Âjagemô exhibition hall*. Ontario in Âjagemô draws on a selection of five decades of works from the Canada Council Art Bank to reveal that the most interesting conversations emerge from viewpoints that are both unique and personal.

Since 1972, the CANADA COUNCIL ART BANK has been collecting works by the best Canadian artists of our times, amassing the world’s largest collection of contemporary Canadian art. Almost 4,000 of these works are by Ontario artists.

*Âjagemô is the Algonquin word for “crossroads.”