10 kinds of people you will find at the Osheaga Afterparties

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Osheaga is back (July 30 to August 2nd) with tons of great bands ready to give their best performance. Besides the great line up, Osheaga invites you to continue the fun with their afterparties with artists such as N'TO + Thylacine, Sylvan Esso + Future Island(DJ set) and many others. Before you get ready to go out to celebrate its 10th edition, here are the 10 kinds of people you will find at the Osheaga Afterparties.

10. Stoner
The stoner is smooth sailing though the after party and enjoying the music inside his soul. If he's a local, you might want to follow him when he gets the munchies: chances are he knows where t0 find the best greasy poutine in the city after 3 am.

 image : www.hercampus.co


09. The Pixie
Those eyes and smile will have you mesmerized all night long. You're not going anywhere else, sit back and enjoy.


image : suicidegirls.com

08.  The Connaisseur
Your living guide to Osheaga. He was (re)born ten year ago, as he was the first person to get online his gold pass. He has since then become a permanent fixture of the festival. He's a local, but stays at the accommodation  provided by Osheaga to party with out of towners. Stay with him during the weekend since he knows where to get the best view to watch the bands,  best food, best drinks, how to make special request at the afterparties - that will be played -  and that little extra thing you can tell your kids when they'll be ready to come to Osheaga in 20 years.


image: blog.pixmob.com

07. Flower Girls
Love is in the air, and the 60s spirit of grooving all night long is not dead. Those girls are here to dance the night away, share good vibes and watch the sun rise while drinking Kombucha.


image: izismile.com

06. Fashionista
Asian vintage brands, self-made perfume, Louis-Vutton vegan bag and a handmade, limited edition gold watch. The fashionista knows the DJs, the right mixology to make great cocktails and yes, she is friends with people that owns private jets and are ready to take her (and her new friends, if you're lucky enough) to the next fashion show or party.


image: style.com

05. 18 year old out of towner
He's not from Montréal (or the Province of Québec) and he can finally go out, dancing and drinking, without a fake 35-year-old ID.


image: reddscups.com.au

04. Party Animal!
He or she attracts crowds and has a sex appeal that can melt an iceberg. Knows every song and can dance all night without sweating. They will get you in a conga line if they want to.


image: www.agentsofgeek.com

03. The Grinder
He's behind you all the time and is always ready to get into action, even (especially) when it's not necessary.


image : youtube.com

02. Bombshell
The name says it all. The Bombshell is the unicorn of the party. She will have you scrambling your pickup line App, practice your best move looking at her from far, and thinking about dancing with her. She will appear in every picture of the night for people to make sure she exist.


image: IGN

01. The Hipster
Wearing some fur or some vintage designer apparel, the Hipster follows great music festivals and eat "world" food, like tofu dog with squeaky Québec cheese.  He's open to new experiences and will blog about it at 4 am with tons of pictures and Facebook anecdotes!

image: hypster.guru


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