CT - Arresting Patterns

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July 17–September 13, 2015
Opening: Friday, July 17, 5–8pm

50 Orange Street
New Haven, CT 06510
Hours: Wednesday–Thursday noon–6pm,
Friday–Saturday noon–8pm

Curated by Sarah Fritchey with Titus Kaphar & Leland Moore

This exhibition brings together a group of artists who seek to uncover the often-overlooked patterns of racial disparity in the U.S. Criminal Justice system. The urgent need to explore indicators of intentional and unintentional discrimination arises in the aftermath of the Ferguson verdict, the Baltimore riots, the killings of Eric Garner and William K. Scott, and the Charleston Church Shooting. These events have produced collective frustration around the question of whether every citizen is protected equally under the law, and have lead to a call for a more transparent dialogue between citizens, law enforcement agents and policy makers.

The selected artworks use serial repetition as a strategy for showcasing how one action, repeated over time, may accumulate, spread or evolve into another version of its original self. The show situates repetition as an aesthetic arena within which artists can show difference within a shared experience, or pursue its opposite, replicating an image in perpetuity until it is emptied of meaning. Read through this critical lens, the works produce a variety of effects—pacifying, enraging, seducing, neutralizing and leaving the viewer on inconclusive ground. The show focuses on repetition and replication in order to recognize how a system might evolve into a new version of itself over time.

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