Afternoon trip around the Kensington Market

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Afternoon trip around the Kensington Market

On a short trip to Toronto, we decided to hang around the Kensington Market: what a great way to spend a weekend afternoon! The result of our finds is in the pictures below: from silkscreened posters to delicious food, everything that made us happy sits there. Enjoy!

Good Egg
That store got us crazy: dedicated to food and books, its website warns us that a visit may feel like a kid-in-a-candy-shop experience. That's more than accurate! Many cookbooks, great food magazines with gorgeous pictures printed on quality paper, tableware and more can be found in this delicious space. We wanted to buy everything.
Good to know: the store also hosts workshops and classes.

That bright space on Dundas street is home to the designer and artist Arounna Khounnoraj and her partner John Booth, architect and artist. She draws, prints on fabrics and sew delicate yet sturdy products with stunning designs, while he specializes in painting and furniture design. Bookhou was founded in 2002 to showcase their individual and collaborative work, and the couple opened the current location in 2008. You can also find products from Khounnoraj's sister's and her partner Michael's company: Ellingwood Soap, specialized in soap and natural products making.

Afternoon trip around the Kensington Market

Kid Icarus
Gift and stationery shop, also home to a custom silk screening service. A vast array of great notebooks, cards and silkscreened posters can be found here (you can also catch some silk screening action from the backstore). A very charming discovery.

Make it Good Pop Up Shop
We were lucky enough to run into the Make it Good Pop Up Shop on Nassau Street. Run by Hannun Lyn, ceramist and owner, the shop was showcasing her work, both fragile and strong, playing with transparency, and other talented artists' work, including Alix Ceramics. The Pop Up shop is now over, but you still can find Hannun Lyn's ceramics by clicking here.

Old School
Great finds make you hungry... That's why we finished our getaway with a delicious meal at Old School, located at the corner of Dundas and Palmerston streets. The breakfast was prepared with love and was tasty as can be: smoked salmon and goat cheese with a savory scone with cheese, as well as a surprising-but-oh-so-good French toast stuffed with cheese cake! We were delighted!

What are your sweet spots near Kensington Market?

Afternoon trip around the Kensington Market
Afternoon trip around the Kensington Market
Afternoon trip around the Kensington Market
Afternoon trip around the Kensington Market