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Office tale of Yurish Wedoff, illustrator and artist

Office tale of Yurish Wedoff, illustrator and artist

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Who are you :
Yurish Wedoff

Your current job :
illustrator and artist

In which city are you located?

A word to define what kind of worker you are :

What tools are essential to your life (app, software, etc..)
Last year, almost all the work I do on adobe photoshop cs6. still use pencils and sketchbooks, but not often lately.

What does your office space look like?
I work in my home studio. there is a computer, two monitors and a bookcase. recently I bought a pair of plants to make the space more fun. I have a black curtain to keep out the light, it is important for work and concentration. a pair of white canvas in the corner, hope to draw something on them. My studio is a very gloomy place 🙂

What kind of music do you listen when you are working ?
I usually listen – mogwai, hammock, m83, god is an astronaut, deftones. to keep yourself in the right state to work, it is best to listen to music that is similar in the direction of what you are doing.

Do you have a way to organize your day to maximize your work ?
I try not to wake up too late. usually I start working from early morning until late at night. often working through the night, until the image is complete. once a day, I go take a walk down the street and buy Chinese food to refresh the mind and not to die from hunger 🙂

What tips would you give to improve productivity ?
The most important thing – inspiration. you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. so the work goes faster, the result looks better. Be obsessed with your work – this is the best accelerator.

You’re better than your colleagues to :
Usually I try to see in what my colleagues are better than I am. I try to learn from them. it is much more important.

What is the best advice anyone has given you ?
And be a simple kind of man.
Be something you love and understand.” – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man

What is your best tip for saving time ?
The best way to save time – work as often as possible and as much as possible. you have to plan in advance what you will do. sketches and drawings – a good way to speed up the work, too.

What is your routine start and end of the day ?
In the morning I try to have breakfast. Every night I try to take a breath of air before going to bed. Work days – boring stuff.

Aside from your computer and your phone, what gadget can you not you go without?
My camera – Canon 550d. Photo references is very important thing to every artist.