FlightHub Gets Real: How to be the best passenger on your next flight!



Over the last few years, FlightHub has seen enough internet memes, jokes, and public shaming’s of passengers who think an airplane is their living room. Because of this, FlightHub Review has compiled a list of basic airline etiquette that’ll have flight attendants around the world (along with your tech savvy travel neighbors) rejoice!

FlightHub believes that good etiquette begins prior to boarding. Listening carefully to the gate agents and respecting the order in which people board onto the plane is the best way to start your etiquette journey. Airlines board passengers from the back of the plane up to the front, with the exception of families and those with disabilities who may require more time. Instead of shoving your way to the front, only to get into an argument with the gate agent who can’t board you, sit patiently at your seat. The plane isn’t going anywhere without you!


image: www.globalnerdy.com

Once you’ve boarded, head to your assigned seat! There’s no need to take someone else’s, as yours has your name on it, along with the seat number and row you’re in! Once you get there, make sure to use only the space you need when placing your bags in the overhead compartment. If your bag is too heavy, ask for the assistance of a flight attendant, but don’t leave them hanging! If your bag is too heavy for you, then it’s too heavy for them too. If the overhead compartments are full, then utilize that foot space in front of you.

Now that you’re comfy and cozy, listen to what the flight attendants are saying in the front of the plane, even if you’ve heard it a million times before. The role of the attendants are to ensure your safety, so give them a second. There’s nothing worse than standing at the front of the plane and imitating safety procedures without the benefit of someone at least looking at your foolery.

Once you’re in flight, get comfy but not too comfy. FlightHub encourages you to maintain your personal space, and try not to get into anyone else’s “bubble”, also refrain from removing your socks! Though the planes are cleaned on a regular basis, there’s no telling what’s been spilled (organic or other) on that carpet beneath you.

Now that you’re settled into your flight, maintaining your awesome-passenger status isn’t too hard! FlightHub recommends watching a movie, reading a book, or our personal favorite, taking a nap! We at FlightHub also encourage you to minimize any noise, as the plane is loud and you could potentially disturb other passengers who may be trying to nap too!

FlightHub is sure that by extending these courtesies, you’ll be gain instant awesome-passenger status on any flight you’re on!

image: en.wikipedia.org