FlightHub Recommends: Montreal Borough St. Henri Is A Can’t Miss Neighbourhood



Montreal is a city in constant change; from building up to tearing down, some of the city’s older neighbourhoods are beginning to see a revitalization taking place, allowing for new life to grow and flourish in areas that were once neglected.

One area among the revitalization of the city is one of Montreal’s oldest neighborhoods, St. Henri. FlightHub Review believes that this borough is an excellent way to see some of Montreal’s diverse history, and recommends anyone visiting Montreal to spend some time walking around this iconic neighborhood.

Located near the Lachine Canal in the South West of Montreal, the borough was established in the early 1700’s and was traditionally known as the Tannery Village. As a place that is meant to cure and produce leather, tanneries were typically located far from the city center due to their smell. In recent years, the city has unearthed an archeological site outlining the old tanneries in St. Henri, emphasizing how important this industry was to the settlers of Montreal.

While walking through the now public Lachine canal, it was only about 200 years ago when the first phase of industrialization made its mark on the borough. During the 1800’s, the Canal served as a vital economic outpost for trade and industry, allowing Montreal to carve a place as an economic powerhouse in North America. During 1970’s, construction began to transform the canal into a cultural space that the public would enjoy. FlightHub recommends visiting the canal and partaking in leisure naps under the many trees, bike or run down the paved paths, or simply enjoy a picnic with friends!


image: katieraspberry.wordpress.com

What makes St. Henri one of the most interesting areas of Montreal—and one of the main reasons why FlightHub loves the borough—is the way it’s come into the future, while not forgetting its past. Traditionally known as a French and Irish-immigrant, working-class neighborhood, St. Henri’s charm and character comes from the grit and hard work of those that called this neighborhood home. Equipped with iconic Montreal-style homes with intricate mansard roofs and authentic glass windows, the neighborhood is a time portal from the busy, urban jungle of Montreal. In addition to the homes, the beautiful and historic Art Deco-designed fire station is an iconic landmark of St. Henri, emphasizing the timelessness of the borough. 


image: realestatemontreal.net

Though the neighborhood is experiencing a revival, many Montrealers and business owners are keen in opting for the old rather than building new, and FlightHub couldn’t be more pleased. And you’d be crazy not to, with beautiful brownstones still standing, it would be unconscionable to destroy something so old and beautiful. When you visit the area, you quickly realize how the area is still living and breathing its past and its present. 

images: en.wikipedia.org