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Border Crossings issue 137 out now

Border Crossings issue 137 out now

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

With her photographs, Angela Grauerholz is dreamy and clear-eyed at once. Her interview, “The Canvas of Photography” appears in this issue. The photo on the cover is hers.

Fred Wilson‘s interview, “Degrees of Subversion” is replete with his subtle, and at the same time, searing perceptions about the institutional entrenchment of racism.

The articles in this issue come at things slant, to borrow from poet Emily Dickinson, but in the way that artists always are—they are spot on. Climate change, our abusive self-serving treatment of animals; the way in which public institutions address only some of the public; and more on photography. As well as the interview with Angela Grauerholz winner of the 2015 Scotiabank Photography Award there is a piece on the post photographic condition evidenced everywhere but most specifically at Montréal’s Mois de la Photo and in the Photo suite “The Roads Are on Fire.”

Marcel Dzama and the New York City Ballet
Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun: Paris, New York, Ottawa
Karl Mattson: is David; oil and gas is Goliath
Ian August‘s Baghdad Plunder and Loot

…and reviews of Tim Gardner, Patrick Bernatchez, Julian Barnes, Ken Nicol, Craig Love, Martin Golland, Derek Dunlop and many others.

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Border Crossings is a quarterly cultural magazine published in Winnipeg, Canada. Its subject is contemporary Canadian and international art and culture, which the magazine investigates through articles, columns, reviews, profiles, interviews and portfolios.

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