Swedish Ninja moves to Denmark.

Furniture and interior brand- with the very origin articulate name Swedish Ninja, is moving its head office across Öresund from Malmö, Sweden to Vejle, Denmark this summer.
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Swedish Ninja and its founder/designer Maria Gustavsson has for the past ten years operated from Malmö, Sweden. Designing for clients like Stolab, Mitab, Barista Fair trade Coffe Shops, American Anthropologie and most recently under her own brand.

During summer 2016 the company will change country code from Sweden to Denmark. A move due to Marias husbands new job as Design Director at Lego Denmark.

“It was a hard decision to make, to move the whole family and Swedish Ninja to another country, even if it’s “just across the water”. But in the end I think this will be an adventure for us as a family and a real boost for the company. Inspirational and creativity wise it’s always good with a change and Denmark and Danish designers/brands has always been very inspiring not only to me but also to the whole world.”says Maria Gustavsson, Founder & Designer of Swedish Ninja.