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Ch.ACO, The Contemporary Art Fair of Chile 2016

Ch.ACO, The Contemporary Art Fair of Chile 2016

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Edificio Las Condes Design 9765

Las Condes, Santiago

Ch.ACO, Chile’s international Art fair, will take place this year in a new post-industrial building located in Santiago’s Las Condes neighborhood, following the intention of becoming an itinerant project that floods Santiago: over 7000 square meters of surface area allows a creative staging for its exhibitors. 

The eigth edition will present a Main sector of national and international contemporary art galleries together with three new curated programs: Focus, a dialogue around Latin American landscape developed by the Venezuelan curator Cecilia Fajardo-Hill; Planta, that brings together emerging and alternative management models of creation in contemporary art, curated by Carolina Castro Jorquera; Nave Editions, a project of art publications curated by Camila Opazo, Chilean editor.


AFA (Chile), Art Nouveau (Venezuela), Artespacio (Chile), Baró (Brazil), CO Galería (Chile), Colectivo Atacama Panorámica (Chile), Die Ecke (Chile), El Caballo Verde (Chile), Gachi Prieto (Argentina), Hilo (Argentina), Isabel Aninat (Chile), Isabel Croxatto (Chile), L21 (Spain), La Sala (Chile), Lucía De la Puente (Peru), NG Art & Gallery (Panama), Nueveochenta (Colombia), Pasto (Argentina), Patricia Ready (Chile), Pepe Cobo (Peru), Polígrafa (Spain), Prima (Chile), Rottenslat (Peru), Sagrada Mercancía (Chile), Sindicato (Dominican Republic), Totoral Lab (Chile), UV Estudios (Argentina), Vala (Chile), Vermelho (Brazil), Walden (Argentina), WU Galería (Peru).


Over the past few years, art fairs have become platforms for the expansion of the art market, increasingly fostering models that go beyond the commercial gallery model. Responding to this reality, Ch.ACO Planta has emerged to bring together different creation spaces that operate under novel management models. Under the curatorship of the Chilean historian Carolina Castro Jorquera, eight Latin American creation projects shall be presented, with a total of 24 artists, all focused on adaptability and collaboration. 


Developed by Venezuelan art historian and curator Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, this new curatorial project invites eight galleries, with two artists each, to participate in a dialogue on the subject of Latin American landscape, one of the most recognizable and popular genres in art history. Artists included in this program: Henrique Cesar, Marcelo Moscheta, Jaime Ávila, Natalia Castañeda, Sandra Gamarra, Edi Hirose, Gonzalo Pedraza, Francisca Sánchez, Paula de Solminihac, Carlos Leppe, Sebastián Mahaluf, Cecilia Vicuña, José Luis Landet, Luz María Bodoya, Ana Teresa Barboza, Alejandro Jaime. 

Nave Editions

Nave de Ediciones emerges with the objective of highlighting and legitimizing the role that publishing houses are currently playing in the art scene. This space, which gathers both national and international publishing houses and publications that specialize in contemporary art, seeks to promote networking and dialogue between the public and the scene’s key players. 

Écfrasis (Chile), La Nueva Gráfica (Chile), Feroces editores (Chile), Vortex (Chile), Lom ediciones (Chile), S/T (Chile), Tonic (Chile), Terremoto (Mexico), Meier-Ramírez (Peru), Membrana Ediciones (Peru), Banca Tatuí (Brazil), Libros de Fuego (Venezuela), Flach (Chile), Art Nexus (USA), Popolet (Chile), Lote 42 (Brazil)

In addition, Ch.ACO offers to its different audiences: a performance festival played at the fair; an educational and interactive program for children curated by Santiago Planetarium and the VIP programs focused to the exploration of collections, Chilean landscapes, architecture and contemporary art institutions and spaces.

FAVA Foundation: Conversation, education, philanthropy

Aimed by the mission of promoting education, collection, heritage and philanthropy, FAVA Foundation, organize in Ch.ACO the Conversation Program “Collection, collect and collectable,” with several prominent professionals of international and national art word, guided tours of the Fair by art historians and a Benefic Gala that raises funds for the acquisition of one artwork for the Contemporary Art Museum of Santiago (MAC).


Carlos Willson, Luis Felipe Cordero, Alberto Rebaza (private collectors); Ellie Buttrose (QAGOMA, Australia); Magali Arriola (Mexican curator); Agustín Pérez Rubio (MALBA curator, Buenos Aires); Pablo León de la Barra (Mexican curator); Jaime Cerón (Misol Foundation curator, Bogotá); Miguel Rios (collector and Foundation, Portugal); Fréderic Paul (Centre George Pompidou curator, Paris); Cecilia Fajardo-Hill (Venezuelan curator) 

source :art-agenda