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Toronto Art Exhibitions November 10 to 17

Toronto Art Exhibitions November 10 to 17

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Ame Henderson + Evan Webber: performance encyclopaedia

13 November – A cast of writers produce an encyclopaedia of making and witnessing that’s readable only in the highly contingent and social conditions of performance. The book’s publication is performed for—and by—the audience: they witness the process of printing, binding and distribution, before opening and reading a text that pursues the distinct but helically connected goals of a practical and complete knowledge.

OH SO T.O. YTB Gallery Art Auction and Gala

November 12 – VIP auction preview 6:30 – 8 pm and General Admission 8 pm – late
Silent auction featuring artwork by: Patrick Cruz, Shary Boyle, Jay, Isaac, Jon Sasaki , Bridget Moser and Winnie Truong.
Artwork by 33 artists under the age of 33 available for under $100

VIP Admission $100: Includes auction preview 6:30 – 8 PM, complimentary tarot reading, luxury spa gift bag, YTB merch, and open bar.
General Admission $33, 8 PM till late
Bidding ends 10 PM

Brittany Shepherd / of Flight and of Leak

12 November- Brittany Shepherd’s first solo exhibition:

She wipes a layer of her skin cells off the shelves and the hairs she sweeps up are all her own. There is no one else to attribute the cigarette butts to and she knows exactly what was consumed on the dirty dishes. A neighbour drops a fork and murmurs something. A neighbour with Tourette’s syndrome is playing Call of Duty. Polytonality. There are scratches on the floor that she didn’t make. White paint peels off the walls and reveals a dull seafoam green.


Anser & SoTeeOh – Luminous

10 November-  A collaborative exhibition featuring artists Anser and Soteoh, Luminous, takes the dark street scenes of SoTeeOh’s urban landscapes as a backdrop for the infamous one-liner face portraits of graffiti artist Anser.
Created using long exposure photography and a flashlight, the two combined what they are both best known for to develop something
completely new. Like most of Anser’s work around the city it is temporary, and this ephemerality is explored even further as the
light drawings disappear before the eye and only the camera captures the outcome. By setting these portraits in various locations around Toronto, it mimics the close relationship both artist have with the urban setting they call home. Meant to brighten the
dark corners of the city, Luminous takes this one step further.

Cliff Eyland: Librarians, Books, and Clouds

17 November – Librarians, Books and Clouds is Cliff Eyland’s first solo exhibition in Toronto since 2009. The show includes 300 works, all 3″x5″ acrylic and/or mixed media paintings.

Since 1981 Cliff Eyland has been making art the size of the traditional 3″ by 5″ library catalogue card. His paintings, drawings, and photographs are shown in both libraries and art galleries. He has also inserted thousands of original drawings in library books in Canada and the United States.

New Currency Live : Session 1

17 November – For the first of many, New Currency Live will bring personalities from different creative fields to speak on a variety of topics in an effort to inspire and empower. 

SESSION 1 will explore our role as artists in a rapidly changing world where it has never been more important to use our talents to start a dialogue which will hopefully lead to change. 

In a conversation that will be moderated by Sydney Allen-Ash, we will explore Jalani Morgan’s photography for Black Lives Matter. 

Opening reception ‘Brendan Fernandes: Lost Bodies’

11 November – Opening reception:  6:30–8pm
Artist and curator will be present

‘Lost Bodies’ brings a Canadian artist’s work in dialogue with two of this country’s most distinctive collections of African art: the Justin and Elisabeth Lang Collection of African Art at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and the collection of the Textile Museum of Canada. Brendan Fernandes has selected works from both collections and presents them in dialogue with his own new video, print and performance work. He juxtaposes a set of performances of colonial inheritance – ballet gestures that derive from deferential manners of the French court and the conventions of museum display – with collected objects of African origin to raise questions about visual and discursive practices that shape a range of perspectives of African art within public museums.

This exhibition is curated by Sunny Kerr, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, and has been developed in partnership with the Textile Museum of Canada. 


10 November- Every year, Buddies welcomes hundreds of discerning art lovers and adventurous shoppers for an outrageous art auction unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our live auction features work from over 25 of our country’s foremost contemporary artists, while the Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop offers an astounding collection of artist multiples and limited edition prints.
View the entire collection, including this year’s Artist Limited Edition Print from James Fowler, at our website –


Activist Media Archives: De/Materializing Bodies Symposium

12 November – “Activist Media Archives: De/Materializing Bodies” offers activists, artists, and scholars a chance to interrogate the affective relationship between materiality, archives, and Canadian cultural practice. Within Canada, much archival material documenting the voices of marginalized groups is dematerial(iz-ed/ing); we hope to consider both why this is occurring and how we can create/have created new archival practices to reincorporate lost records, voices, affects and bodies.”