Jordi Segarra, Cerveseria Matoll

Barcelona Beer Festival x Baron
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Cerveseria Matoll

Who are you and your current job?

 My name is Jordi Segarra, and after 10 years working in the sales department in a winery, and homebrewing at the same time, I decided to quit my job to travel for one year round the world. When I came back in 2011, I joint with two more homebrewers friends, Josep Maria and Quim, to run up the brewery in the countryside. Currently, two of us are working a full time, and another person half time.


What was the inspiration behind your brewery? 

We love our land and the quality that it gives to us. Convinced to leave and work in the countryside, self-employment was the best option and the beer our passion, so was an easy decision. We produce genuine craft beers, incorporating local plants, such as elder flower. We do it in a cooperative manner, and with social values, both in reference and in the way we manage the project. We collaborate with a disable people association, integrating some of them in the elaboration process.


Can you give us a tour of your beer scene?  

Catalonia is living a beer boom, and lots of new breweries, brewpubs, beer fairs etc.. have appeared in a few time, and also the costumers. However, we are in the countryside, and here everything is slower, but the beer culture starts to be introduced. We are a few producers in a big an unpopulated area, so we have joined to create a beer route (Ruta de la cervesa de Lleida), so people can visit us, and create also beer culture. Some of us are planting hopes, in order to make our beers more genuine.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a brewery?