Markus Neumann, Head Brewer at La Sitgetana Craftbeer

Barcelona Beer Festival x Baron

Who are you and your current job?

I'm Markus Neumann, from Sitges (Barcelona), 45 years old, and my current job is Head Brewer at La Sitgetana Craftbeer


What was the inspiration behind your brewery?  

I use to be a homebrewer around 2005-2006 (i don't remember exactly). My friends & family use to drink my beers and they like it!. In 2010 the craft beer scene in Catalunya was growing a lot, and the idea of starting a brewery came to us one day after many empty beer bottles in front of us (you now what I mean). It was important for us to be the first brewpub in Sitges, our hometown, and so we did it!.


Can you give us a tour of your beer scene?

From the early 2000s to now, the craft beer scene has grown a lot. We (as a country), use to drink a lot of beer ( I mean industrial lager). But in 10-15 years, we passed from less than 20 craft beer breweries to more than 600. This huge growth is especially important in Catalunya, where the most of the breweries are located, and where the beer quality is recognized at European level.


 What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a brewery?

I only have one advice: if you're thinking about starting a brewery, do not get discouraged by the bureaucracy, and focus your energy in brew good beer. Let these boring things to someone else...