Teresa Galván, sales manager and co-founder of Espiga

Barcelona Beer Fest x Baron

Who are you and your current job?

I am Teresa Galván, sales manager and ones of the CEO and founders of Espiga with Arnau Rovira, master-brewer. 


 What was the inspiration behind your brewery? 

My work partner, Arnau and me are two beer passionate and biologist.So we decide to work and developed our studies in something that we like and we have the passion for it. The beer is made by a yeast, a microorganism that can transform sugar into alcohol and gas, so is exactly what we have studied. I got experience in Germany and Arnau in Denmark, countries with years of experience in brewing, that helped us to develop our project Espiga. After beeing gypsy brewers 4 years ago we decide to build the Brewery. Last Saturday we celebrated our 3rd anniversary.


Can you give us a tour of your beer scene? 

We have worked very hard but we are very happy to achieve our goal, bring equilibrate and quality craft beers. We have also had recognition with silvers medals in some cups including rate beer for the Espiga Blonde ale in 2015.


Espiga has opened 3 years ago with only 3 fermentors of 1000L, 3000L/month in total and this year we have 4 fermentors of 2500, one 0f 1000l and one of 4000L in total 14500L/month. So as you can see here the scene in Spain is growing and very fast. Catalunya is the region of Spain where more breweries are. Barcelona was the main craft beer city in Spain but now Madrid is very similar with a lot of craft beer pubs. Every year are more breweries, pud brew pubs, and clients so craft beer movement is developing at high speed.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a brewery?

A lot of passion, motivation and some money.