Matthew Hendriks, Master Distiller @ Park Distillery

Calgary International Beerfest x Baron
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Who are you and your current job?

Matthew Hendriks, Master Distiller @ Park Distillery 

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What was the inspiration behind your distillery?

Opening the first Craft Distillery Resturant in Canada, and the first distillery in a national park in the world. The concept is a backcountry cabin in the middle of Banff Ave. In-house-made spirits, cocktail menu complementing them and campfire cooking. 

Can you give us a tour of your local distillery scene? 

Craft Distilling has just started in Alberta, we have a few operation and this is just the beginning. Craft breweries have now been around for 20+ years with over 100 in the province. We hope to see more craft distilleries each and every year.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a distillery?

A love for making spirits is a must. Distilling is an art and needs a lot of attention.