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Stu Ballinger, freelancer

Stu Ballinger, freelancer

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Who are you?

My name is Stu Ballinger, and I am a 21-year old digital artist and motion designer. I create abstract themed sci-fi art and animation. I am also a hopeless video game addict, music fan, and coffee enthusiast. 

Your current job?

I recently finished university, so I currently work as a retail assistant, but I take freelance art jobs wherever I can.


I am currently located in Horsham, a rural town in Victoria, Australia.

What sort of worker are you?

I would say irregular. I have days where I can make an entire piece of art from start to finish, and other days I may not even open Photoshop. It’s honestly luck of the draw.

Essential tools?

My essential tool is Adobe Photoshop. I use it for everything I do and I just love it. I also use a lot of Cinema4D and Adobe After Effects.  

Also, Spotify, as it is just as essential to the process as any other program.


I would describe my workspace as cluttered, yet a good reflection of my interests and influences. My office is full of small references to my favorite music, books, video games and of course, there are cables absolutely everywhere. It’s also upstairs, which means it always too hot or too cold and never perfect. 


My music taste is varied, and the music I listen to while working is usually defined by the mood of the piece I am working on. I usually listen to ambient/downtempo/garage music (artists like Aether, Asa, Burial) while working, but my taste extends into alternative electronic, drum n bass, metal and lots of other genres.

My current favorite musician is Pretty Lights, but other favorites include Hellions, Porter Robinson, Flume and Submotion Orchestra. 

How do I maximize my productivity?

I don’t, really. Since I am not a currently employed artist, I have no deadlines for my personal work, so I can just let it come naturally. Since I have a day job, when I have client work

 I just work on it at any chance I get. I also drink a lot of coffee.

How should you maximize productivity?

I’d recommend a schedule. I don’t personally use one, but I should. They’re a great way to stay productive providing you have the discipline to keep to it (I don’t)

Best advice anyone has given you?

The best advice I have been given is to stick with what I’m passionate about. Sure, all the money is in the logo, web design, UI/UX and programming, but art is what I love, and I’d rather be fulfilled and unpaid than working a job I don’t enjoy.

A piece of tech I couldn’t live without?

My headphone amplifier! I’ve only had it for less than a month and I already can’t imagine listening to music without it. My turntable would also be on this list.