Trans AM | Trans Am | LP re-issue

In celebration of Thrill Jockey's 25th Anniversary, Trans Am’s 1995 self-titled debut is back on vinyl. Pressed on color vinyl for the first time (clear!) and packaged with a free download card.
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Nathan Means: "We recorded the studio portions of this with John McEntire. He's not what you would call emotive, but I don't remember that making us nervous, although I don't know why it wouldn't have - his drumming with Bastro and Tortoise was a pretty big deal for all of us. I guess the fact that he invited us to record with him probably helped. 


The two most distinct memories I have are Seb laying crumpled on the floor between takes. He was really sick and was taking aspirin during the session. He usually doesn't really like taking pain killers - probably from his I-should-suffer Scottish Presbyterian heritage. I take pain killers immediately. Anyway, you wouldn't know how sick he was from the takes.

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The second image I have is that during mixing, which basically involves sitting on sofa while John adjusts sounds and volumes, Bettina Richards (Thrill Jockey Founder) came over. She has started Thrill Jockey a few years earlier, is really tall and thin and was wearing an all-white suit. She didn't really look like David Bowie otherwise, but we were also pretty stoned and I don't think I would have been much more intimidated if she had been (Bowie). She mentioned putting it out on her label and I sort of fumbled around asking if we could choose our own artwork and stuff. They didn't do contracts, but I'm sure I probably would have signed a horrible deal if she'd pulled one from a pocket of her white suit."


source: Thrill Jockey