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5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best for Ottawa Businesses

5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best for Ottawa Businesses

Published by BARONMAG

Millions of users all over the world are using WordPress to express their ideas, share content, and develop beautiful websites. It is no wonder that WordPress (WP) has been the long-standing winner in the content management system (CMS) field. Not many other challengers have been able to ruffle the influence WordPress has over the internet. Because of this and 5 other excellent reasons, WordPress is the best design for Ottawa business owners.

Worldwide Reach

The Ottawa region is but one part of the world, and of course you are going to want a local focus for your website. However, that doesn’t mean your blog can’t reach millions of people worldwide. In 2017, WordPress sites were reported to be about 60% of the global CMS market, represent 29.1% of websites in the world, and had a total number of 76.5 million blog sites. That adds up to over 400 million people viewing over 19 billion pages of content.

Establishing an online presence for your Ottawa business will be extremely easy if you niche correctly and provide outstanding content.

Create Any Design You Want

In 2015, WordPress had 130,496,012 free themes available for download. Obviously, that number is higher now. But imagine the amount of customization available! At the core, WordPress is free and open-source, meaning that many add-ins can be used free of charge. This allows for overwhelming design flexibility. There are specific themes and plugins for sites of all flavors, ranging from photography sites, e-commerce sites, question and answer forums, personal blogs, membership websites (subscription-based), online travel magazines, and just about anything you can imagine.

You can even add the essentials—such as contact forms and social media integration—with a simple click of the button. And no, you don’t need advanced wisdom to do any of it.

WordPress is SEO-Optimized

Google has a special relationship with WordPress when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Even if you know nothing about SEO, you can still almost automatically optimize your posts and website to fulfill crucial SEO points. WP websites have fast loading speeds, come with excellent coding standards, allow for smooth XML sitemap generation, image optimization, and some of the best user experiences out there.

You’ll be at the top of the SERPs in no time.

WordPress Security Features Are Top Notch

Whether you have a small business, a simple blog, or a major corporation, WordPress has your security covered. Additionally, security updates are constantly released. When you don’t feel this is enough, simply add more security plugins to your site. Many options, such as Wordfence Security, are completely free.

Constant Improvement

The main reason WordPress is best for Ottawa businesses is because it doesn’t go stale. Beyond standard features, WP is always under constant improvement. There is always something new, something more stable, secure, and user-friendly. Themes, plugins, desktop integration, media, and so much more are added constantly. And because WP is constantly improving, the ongoing support from the team is astounding too.


WordPress has been around since 2003, and none of that time has gone to waste with making the site the number one content management system. Open-source, international, and highly customizable without requiring advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, Ottawa businesses can design whatever site they desire. If you are looking to get your Ottawa-based business an online presence, WordPress should definitely be your first choice.