Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn’s collaboration has changed craft beer in Stockholm and points the way to the future

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A clever and innovative partnership in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has altered the way craft beer is consumed in Sweden and has helped to elucidate how beer brands can work together to create excellent beer, to revive an industry and to give life back to a place and neighbourhoods that needed some love and some attention in order to thrive and to get back to being a place people wanted to visit and explore.

Stockholm is a city that has many different exciting and buzzing parts, it is built on 14 different islands giving each one a unique and exciting vibe that allows you to feel as if you are in lots of small town in one larger city. Ostermalm has an exclusive and upmarket feel, Sodermalm is the hip and modern island, Gamla Stan is the cities historic old town while Kungsholmen is leafy and residential. Down in the south of the city is Hammarby Sjostad, a part of town that, during the days where Stockholm relied greatly on its ports, was buzzing owing to its proximity to the sea.


There were lots of factories that would create exciting and well-made products that could easily be shipped to other parts of the country and the world as soon as they were built. However as Stockholm moved towards being a service economy, jobs were lost and the action moved further north. This left many factories abandoned and the area lost a lot of its shine.

One of the most beautiful buildings was a lightbulb factory, that made both cheap and expensive light bulbs for various purposes. It was a building that Nya Carnegiebryggeriet felt was worth gambling on. People said it would work, they said that they would have been better off taking their money and playing at hippo online casino instead. People thought they were far more likely to make money on online blackjack or roulette, especially considering playing these games is a lot more fun than building a business. However, they decided to plough on and opened up a partnership with the fantastic Brooklyn brewery in order to create a new and exciting craft breweries in Stockholm.


Their work has been very successful and they have created some of Stockholm’s best craft beer. Scandinavia has lots of great new and exciting brewers and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet are leading the charge. They play on the fact that their brewery is in an old light bulb factory with their 100W beer, their Luma lager and their Halvljus beer, which in Swedish means half-light, as it is only 2.2%.

They have managed to bring people to the area by hosting events, tastings, weekly cookouts and by having one of the most exciting tours in the city. They have embraced their surroundings and tried to work hard with the local community so they feel a part of the area, rather than simply being an interloper. They have managed to show that, by investing in a place, by being innovative and most importantly, by creating top-shelf beer, you can have success. This will hopefully become a trend across the craft brewing world, perhaps even in Canada.