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Mike Fratt, general manager and head buyer at Homers Music

Mike Fratt, general manager and head buyer at Homers Music

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

In collaboration with Kaneshii Vinyl Press

Who are you and your current job :

my name is Mike Fratt and I am General Manager and Head Buyer at Homers Music in Omaha, Nebraska. WE buy and sell new and used CDs, vinyl, and DVDs. We also stock a unique selection of lifestyle items. Our store opened in 1971 and I joined the company in 1978. By the late 1990’s we had a handful of locations but have since shrunk back down to our single store.

In which city are you located?

Omaha, in an area, called the Old Market. An old brick street warehouse district built in the early 1900’s that has been converted into shops, bars, restaurants, and condos.

What musical styles do you specialize in?

we stock all genres of music and we are known for our extensive selection. We are also a member of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores –

Can you give a small tour of the music scene in your town?

There are numerous venues of varying sizes and we are lucky that many styles and genres stop through. The Waiting Room and Slowdown are the best live bars to see music. The Holland does fine arts and Harrah’s Stir Cove has an outdoor summer series

There is an active live music scene and Omaha is home to Saddle Creek Records and American Grammaphone Records

What’s it like working in a record shop? 

It’s great. Sharing music with consumers is very rewarding. While the job is still working it’s a very casual environment

What mind-blowing album are you listing right now?

First Aid Kit “Ruins”. 5th album from Swedish sister duo recorded in Portland is darker than previous efforts but still very approachable indie folk rock

What does it take for an indie record shop to survive? 

stock a great selection, be actively involved in your community, give great friendly service, host events in store

What does Record Store Day, mean to you and your business? 

It’s both the biggest day of the year and most fun event of the year. It’s scary to order tens of thousands of dollars of non-returnable product, but seeing customers stand in line for hours to get some of the limited-edition vinyl is a trip. It’s revitalized the physical music business and heightened awareness of indie record stores. Means a great deal

Tips for musicians launching an album?

press a small amount of both cd and vinyl. do consignment with local stores. plan a release party. make sure you also have merch to sell; shirts, hats, etc

5 local musician to check out!

Josh Hoyer, Matt Cox, Matt Whipkey, Kris Lager, Conor Oberst |


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