Boosting Confidence by Improving Your Looks


When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Sadly, many of us don't. Many Americans don't like the way they look. The problem is particularly acute among women, 97 percent of whom have cruel thoughts about their own bodies. But men, too, can hate the way they look, and the problem can extend beyond body image to include everything from what we wear to how we act and react in the world.

source: x Vidal Balielo Jr.

source: x Vidal Balielo Jr.

It's important for each of us to try our best to love ourselves and view ourselves in a positive light. Don't be afraid to reach out to mental health experts and begin working in earnest on embracing yourself as you are. But we should also work on bettering ourselves, albeit in a healthy way. We should position our concerns about our looks in a more positive light, loving our look and striving to do even better for ourselves. The benefits to a healthy focus on our look can be improved health and confidence.

Bettering Your Body

Criticizing your body is unhealthy, experts say. When we put ourselves down, we drain our willpower and energy. But exercise is key! Internalize this mantra: "exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate."

Putting real work into your exercise routine can, along with a healthy diet, help you shed pounds and improve your health. Try to design an exercise routine that you can stick to. Make exercise a habit, not a chore, and alternate types of exercise so that you don't exhaust one set of muscles. You can also keep yourself exercise-ready by taking the right supplements: a Mesomorph pre-workout, for instance, or a protein shake after a tough workout.

Supplements can supply your body with the things it needs in order to power your workout. Supplements can also help you restore the things that exercise depletes in your body. Along with a healthy diet, your supplement-powered exercise plan can help you gain a body you love even more. Remember: positivity is key! You’ll be more likely to stick to your exercise plan if it’s a fun hobby or habit. You will find it very hard to stick to if it’s a punishment and a chore. The choice is clear: positivity leads to results, and negativity just leads to more negativity.

source: x Nathan Cowley

source: x Nathan Cowley

Dressing for the Life You Want

You've heard of dressing for the job you want. How about dressing for the life that you want?

Many of us aren't happy with our clothes. We may feel that they are unflattering or unstylish. Now is the time to embrace your body and buy clothes that flatter it! You'll enjoy yourself more when you have stylish boutique dresses and other well-fitting, hip garments, and your confidence will help you look even better. Don't wait until you meet certain fitness goals to dress well: instead, dress well right now and build the confidence you need in order to change your life.

Confidence and Your Look

When you embrace your body, you'll be more confident. When you dress well, you'll be more confident, too. And when you're more confident, you're actually more attractive! No, really: studies show that other people perceive us as more attractive when we project confidence. So when you grow more confident in your looks, you’re creating an endless loop of mood- and looks-boosting confidence!

Building this virtuous cycle of confidence and self-love will help you reach your goals and find even more reasons to love your body. So stop punishing yourself! Instead, embrace the person you are today and use that self-love to motivate yourself to become even better and even more beautiful.