DOG Power signs to Flying Nun Records for debut LP out November 26

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DOG Power is a New Zealand rock band, formed in 2017 by indie pop, singer-songwriter Sam Perry, the group’s lead singer, and experimental musician Henry Nicol. 2018 saw Perry and Nicol move to Belgrade, Serbia, out of a desire for the freedom to make their music their life.

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Connecting over a shared fascination with fashion, glamour, cinema and the avant-garde, Perry and Nicol started working together in the underground venue/recording studio LOG Recording in 2017. Nestled in between Christchurch’s abandoned 40,000 person stadium and the city’s discrepant industrial zone, work began on what would eventually become DOG Power’s first release.

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Intrigued by rock’n’roll, as well as non-musical and monotonous sounds, DOG Power’s music is rooted in their use of samples, live percussion, drum machines, synthesi z ers and guitars which lay a foundation for Perry’s deep, sonorous voice.

Taking equal ques from Sade and The Stooges, Serge Gainsbourg and Suicide, the seven songs on their self-titled recorded debut s pan genres, encompassing everything from industrial electronica to baroque pop, super-sonic rock’n’roll to something out of a seventies spy film… One directed by David Lynch.

With an intoxicating, genre-blending sound, provocative and uncompromising songs, and the mesmerizing power of singer Sam Perry’s poetry and presence, DOG Power make music that can only be described as cinematic.

DOG Power - DOG Power out November 26, 2018

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