Fighting Food Waste Through Bread-Brewed Beer

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The humble loaf of bread is the basis for many global cuisines but also represents a fundamental tenet of culture and societal norms. I’ve written before about bread as both a socioeconomic measure and historical marker, but was intrigued to hear about a Canadian charity, a brewery and a marketing agency partnering to use bread to open a conversation about a prevalent issue in the food community — food waste.

The concept behind Been A Slice is simple: take bread nearing its best before date and turn it into a small batch beer to be released in early November to the LCBO, Beer Store, and local Toronto restaurants and bars. Proceeds then flow to Canadian charity Second Harvest, a food rescue organization that works with businesses to take food that would otherwise be wasted and redistribute it to those in need. (The organization recently launched a free online tool to help connect other organizations and food businesses called According to a release, Second Harvest has rescued more than 127 million pounds of edible food – mostly protein, dairy and produce – bound for landfills since it was established in 1985. Continues at