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Winter trends of 2018 which every man should follow

Winter trends of 2018 which every man should follow

Published by BARONMAG

How much ever casual your lifestyle maybe, if you wake up in the morning and wonder what to wear, then you care about fashion. Fashion is something that we deal with on a regular basis. Which shirt to choose from, something new for a party and the perfect pair of shoes is some of the things which everyone wonders about on a regular basis. But “Fashion Trend” is something which everybody does not understand. All of them try to get hold of it; few of them grasp it and pull everything off in a wonderful way, but many of them fail at it. With proper beard maintenance, this attire will make you look sharp, tall, classy and a pure gentleman

Men, especially, need to focus a tad bit more on the latest fashion trends. After a certain age, men become focussed more on work and less on their lifestyle. This habit should be totally avoided as it is very unhealthy because they eventually start losing confidence in themselves. Keeping in pace with fashion trends will help you to feel young always and it will boost your confidence level. Self-grooming keeps you active. Self –grooming has become so important in today’s time- at every hour and in every field. You just cannot do without confidence and fashion awareness. There are many ways in which you can catch up with the latest trends. Some of them are:

Go shopping on a regular basis. Stop being lazy on Sunday and put some effort in grooming yourself. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you should still go and do some window shopping to stay in touch with what is new.

Following fashion bloggers on social networking sites helps you get all the information on fashion. So even if you can’t go shopping regularly, this is an easier option.

Observing people around you when you go to a formal or casual party or even at work, helps you to understand fashion.

Take notice of the celebrities and other fashion icons while watching movies and their red carpet entrees in your mobile or on fashion channels.

Now let me guide you to the latest trends of winter 2018 which will help you style yourself:

Leather forever: Leather is the ultimate winter choice. Leather was in more than a decade ago, and it is as trendier in 2018 as it was back then. A leather jacket may be a bit expensive, but it is the best investment you will make for yourself in the winter. It will be the best piece which you will find in your wardrobe. Anyone can pull off a leather jacket, irrespective of age. 16 years old will look macho in it and even a 35-year-old will look as vibrant as ever. This timeless piece of clothing can be carried as a funky piece ad well as a classic. Leather jacket attire looks best when paired with denim.

Vertical stripes: This classic theme of striped shirts or suits adds a bit of fun in your wardrobe. It will be something different from the plain blacks and browns you usually wear. The striped shirt or suit looks good when a decent colour pop is given in its design. This attire will make you look sharp, tall, classy and a pure gentleman. Yes, the type of guys all the girls look for. There is a number of styles in the stripes themselves, namely: deckchair stripes, pinstripes, football stripes and banker stripes.

Checks: Some things never go out-trend; they just add value to themselves with every season. Check is the example of such a trend. It can be worn in many forms and still look good. The winter trend for the checked outfits are checked shirts and t-shirts, suits, checked pants, black and white check and checked jumpers- checks look good in any and every form. Checks have a variety as well; pin checks, madras, houndstooth, tartan, gingham and pinstripes. It is a sure thing that most of your wardrobe must be filled with check clothing. The best point is; that they can be worn formally as well as casually. They go well when matched up with a pair of denim or trousers.

Turtle neck suits: Turtlenecks are back and how! They look classier and royal than ever. This attire has sophistication radiating from it. For the purpose of wearing them on formal or semi-formal occasions; this look is going to beat all the previous winter trends. But it has a certain edge to it. It looks amazing when paired with a nice suit, but this outfit can go horribly wrong if it is worn just as a cardigan or with a casual jacket. That would give you a complete retro look then.

Accessories: Even the most perfect outfits look like something is missing from them. What it requires is a sleek bit of accessorising. It does not have to be bold, but it shows your personality. Putting on scarves is a major trend in winters. A funky beanie also looks fabulous with your casual sweatshirt and denim. Fashion jewellery for men is also very much in demand. Accessories like gold chains, bracelets and rings look very grand on men. You can check out some of the statement jewellery at

Warmer tones: Gone are the days when everybody used to wear bright, shiny and loud colours. “Less is more” is the statement of the season. Rich and warm shades of browns are the colour trends this winter. Brown leather jacket, camel coloured pants, tan coloured jumpers, wheat coloured suits are some of the outfits which will make you look stylish and at par with fashion. These outfits look surprisingly good and pleasant to the eyes when paired with pants of the same colour or from the same colour family.

Soft fabrics: This trend is going to make every man happy. No doubt the leather jackets are evergreen and classy, but these soft textured fabrics are the major fabrics of the winter season, 2018. This trend will make you look stylish and trendy; along with giving you utmost comfort as well. Fabrics like corduroy, fur, velvet and fleece are all over the market. But this look can be a disaster if worn in flashy colours. Imagine yourself in red coloured fur cardigan; you sure will look no less than Santa Claus. Follow the latest trends and fashion but always be wise in selecting the colour, as they are the big game-changers.

Loafers: Loafers are a comfortable slip-on without any hassle of laces or other fastenings. Made in the material of leather or suede; these loafers have found a permanent place in the fashion and shoe industry. Initially, loafers were worn in a casual manner, routinely and on informal occasions. Nowadays so much variety of loafers is available which gives a proper formal look when worn.

However, there is one thing that you always need to be careful about. The biggest style you carry with you is your personality. Swaying away from your personality will only pull you down. Trying too much fashion at once and forgetting yourself will diminish your own personality and it surely reflects on other people as well.

So along with this handy fashion advice, make sure to add your own personal touch to your style. Eventually, it is your personality that is going to radiate from you. It truly describes who you are. So stick to your true personality along with all the fashionable outfits that you wear. This is the best advice that will work for you.