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Top Safe Bathroom Floor Ideas

Top Safe Bathroom Floor Ideas

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It is not as easy to choose bathroom flooring as it might seem. The requirements in this situation differ a lot from choosing to floor for other rooms in the house. The material should be durable, look good, and have a reasonable price. But there is one more thing you have to consider. The floor in the bathroom will have a lot of contact with water. So it must be water-resistant. Also, it shouldn’t get slippery when it is moist.

Another great thing to have in the bathroom is a heated floor. It feels good to step on a warm surface after taking a hot shower or bath. Installing such a system won’t add much to the cost of the flooring, so you should consider adding this feature. Check out everything you need to know about how underfloor heating works for bathrooms .Go through some radiant floor heating reviews to choose the option that will fit your needs and budget. Also, you should consider that the flooring should respond well to the heat if you install the heating.

So, keeping in mind all these requirements, let’s take a look at the best and safest options for the bathroom floor.


There is a solid reason why ceramic tiles are so popular. This flooring is waterproof, inexpensive and good-looking. Thus, it is a great option for the bathroom. There is a wide choice of colors, designs, and textures. So you have an opportunity to make your floor look like you want it to look. There even are designs that look like wood.

A pretty much endless choice of shapes also gives a lot of room for creativity. You can create your very own unique pattern or choose a ready-to-use mosaic pattern. This kind of flooring is perfectly water resistant so that it can handle even loads of moisture. Therefore, you can be sure the material won’t become corrupted, and you won’t flood your neighbours downstairs if you live in a flat.

Although, ceramic tiles have disadvantages. First of all, this material is cold. So you will have to think about installing a floor heating system. Also, it is quite slippery and, therefore, creates an unsafe environment. Texturing makes the material less slippery, though. Moreover, you can buy special rubber carpets that stick to the floor. But they are far from good-looking.


It is a cheap option, and the low price is what makes it so widely-used. The most spread kind of vinyl flooring is sheets. They are quite big which makes it possible to cover the floor of a small bathroom without any seams. Also, there is a more durable and more expensive option – vinyl planks. They became quite popular lately. Another kind of such flooring is vinyl tiles. But the durability of this type of material is debatable. It is hard to isolate seams, so such floors can’t be 100% waterproof (Read more about vinyl flooring at Bobs Floors)

Pros are obvious. Vinyl is cheap and pretty durable. Sheets can be installed without the help of a professional, especially if you can cover the floor completely with one sheet. There is a wide choice of designs. And the material is resistant to water.

Although, the water resistance is guaranteed only if seams are laid properly. Otherwise, the moisture will get under the flooring. It will result in leakage and molding. Also, the aesthetics of this material is disputable. But if you need to cover the floor in a child’s bathroom, for example, vinyl is a good option.

Natural stone

Choosing this material you have to opt for waterproof kinds of stone. Also, don’t choose a stone with big or even visible pores. You won’t be able to clean it from water and dirt, and the mold will become your companion.

Stone flooring is extremely durable and looks great and expensive. It is one of the best options for a luxury bathroom. But this material has significant disadvantages. First of all, it is really expensive. Also, if you don’t install the heating, your bathroom floor will be cold. If the stone doesn’t have a natural texture or is not textured during the production process, it will be quite slippery.

Engineered wood

It is a special kind of wood that went through some changes. Such manufactured boards perform better than the natural wood in a moist environment. This material is durable and ecologically safe. If you want to have a beautiful wooden floor in the bathroom, engineered wood is your option.

This material is equipped with a plywood base that makes it durable and water resistant. It is not slippery and completely safe. And since there is a real wood on top, such flooring looks great. It is an unusual solution since you can rarely see wooden floors in the bathroom. Although, this material still is vulnerable to the damage. Over time you can expect some distortions due to the moisture. Of course, they will appear later than if you used the natural wood. But you should remember that engineered wood is less durable than, for example, ceramic tiles.


It may sound not logical, but laminate flooring is better than a solid hardwood when it comes to the bathroom. It can be protected from the harm water can cause. Also, a laminate is much cheaper, yet it can look just as good as the hardwood. There are a lot of various designs.

Such flooring is easy to clean. It is not slippery and quite warm. The main challenge here is to isolate seams. If they are tight enough, water can’t get between planks and under the flooring. But no matter how good seams are, there still is a big risk that the material will expand and bubble. Then you will be left with one single option – replace the flooring.

The worst options

Carpets take the place of the worst flooring for the bathroom. Even though the idea of stepping on a soft and warm carpet after the shower seems nice, you should remember that this material dries very slowly. So you have all chances to end up with a nasty molded floor in the bathroom. If you want to experience this softness, opt for a small carpet that can be dried quickly. Solid hardwood is not the best choice as well. It is not water resistant so that it will get corrupted fast.