Benefits of different pallet racking systems

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Different organizations are always looking for ways of minimizing costs in the company so as improve their profits. One way of minimizing costs is through optimal utilization of the storage space. One way of utilizing storage space fully is through the use of pallet racking. The following are some of the advantages of using different pallet racking systems.

Wide- Aisle Racking

The main advantage of using this kind of pallet racking is because it minimizes the problem of blocking whereby access to one pallet is blocked. This, therefore, makes it easy for goods to be easily accessed thus facilitating movement. It is also effective for a company that is moving large amounts of stock at the same time. This kind of pallet racking comprises of large shelving units that hold one pallet, with aisles around them that allow them to be accessed by forklifts.

Photo by Brent Keane from Pexels

Photo by Brent Keane from Pexels

Double Deep Racking

The main advantage of this kind of pallet racking is the increased amount of cargo that can be stored in specific areas in the warehouse. This pallet racking enables crates and pallets to be stored twice on the shelving units. However, to access the cargo, you would have to use extended forklifts. This is because some of the aisles between the units may be restricted. Alternatively, three-wheeled counterbalance forklifts may be employed to make it more efficient.

High Shelf Racking

The main advantage of using high bay racking is because it is efficient for maximizing the amount of storage space when storing parts that are used in manufacturing. This form of racking makes use of the narrow aisles and shelves that are built high above but within the storage space. However, to access the cargo, it would require the use of special forklift trucks that have telescopic arms to be able to retrieve the cargo that is normally above the truck itself.

Drive-In Racking

This pallet racking is efficient in the sense that cargo can easily be accessed and deposited through forklift trucks that drive through a racking, on the concept of first in last out. The pallets are usually on special runners who will facilitate storing of crates deep within the units. It also comprises both the drive-in and drives through racking which comprises of albeit crates which enables retrieval through both sides of the racking. This type of racking is also efficient in a warehouse that is climate controlled where the amount of storage space is key for seasonal goods.


Carton Flow Racking

This pallet racking involves forklift trucks that load boxes of cargo onto rollers which are then situated on a slight incline that enables them to roll down to the front of the racking system. When one carton or box is removed, another comes rolling down. This pallet racking is efficient when there is need to pick goods out of crates into boxes or other storage units.

Mobile Racking

It is efficient in cold storage units as it optimizes the available storage space. It involves individual rows of racking mounted on special chassis, and the moved down on rails. This ensures that one particular aisle is used to access one particular part of the pallet racking.