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Home Design: Here’s Why Window Treatments Are Important

Home Design: Here’s Why Window Treatments Are Important

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Interior design is an important topic for many homeowners. People are getting tired of cookie-cutter looks. They want rooms that have more contemporary designs and are warmer and inviting for their owners and guests. They want something that’s new and on the cutting edge. Interior design can help make indoor spaces more functional and appealing. It gives a room its own unique identity.

One part of a room’s interior design to take into consideration is window treatments. A window treatment is a form of interior decoration for a window or frame that might come after paying for a local double hung window replacement to really refresh your interior. They are used to make a room more aesthetically appealing. Window treatments are also very functional. They serve to keep light out and protect your belongings from the sun. They also serve as a perfect design complement to your furnishings and other home accents.

There are many different kinds of window treatments that you can buy. There are a wide variety of products designed to fit any kind of room and budget. You can do a few Internet searches to peruse different color combinations, styles, get price quotes and read customer reviews and professional recommendations. You can also personally inspect a vast selection of window treatments at your local home improvement or specialty retailers.

Here are a few reasons why window treatments are important:

1. They provide privacy.

Window treatments can help keep the neighborhood out. You can keep your personal belongings private. They prevent lurkers and possible burglars from scoping out your home. Criminals are often looking for crimes of opportunity. By using window treatments that you can either close manually or automatically, you are giving potential thieves fewer targets to choose from. The less they see, the more likely they are to move on somewhere else. Good window treatments not only look good, but they also add an extra level of security for homeowners. They are also good for home offices when you need a little extra privacy so that you can focus on your work and avoid any outside distraction.

2. Window treatments provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Most window treatment products on the market today are also very good at providing protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They protect furniture, floors, and electronics which can show signs of wear or damage over time from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Items can be cracked, fade or simply stop working after continued exposure to the sun. By blocking or absorbing the sun’s rays, window blinds and treatments can protect your valuable belongings and help extend their useful life.

3. They protect your windows.

Metal blinds, storm guards and other kinds of window treatments can actually help to protect your windows from the elements. You can learn more about shutters and other options online. Besides protecting your furniture and electronics from prolonged exposure to UV rays, they also shield your windows from strong winds and heavy rain. Window treatments help to preserve your windows and extend their useful life.

4. Window treatments give extra comfort.

Good window treatments can provide their homeowners with additional comfort. They provide warmth and help your property feel isolated. Window treatments also keep out the cold and strong winds. They can also make your home seem cozier and inviting to guests, neighbors and other family members.

5. They can improve your property value.

Another advantage of installing window treatments is that they can increase a home’s value. They are not only attractive but can put extra dollars in your pocket in terms of resale value. Updated window treatments are a key selling point for people who are looking to buy more modern homes. They want something that’s up to date and easy to maintain. They are already spending a large part of their budget for purchasing a home, so it’s also one less thing for them to invest in.

6. Improved aesthetics.

Windows are a focal point of most rooms. They are part of a room’s identity. Many window treatments are aesthetic upgrades over what they currently have. They make your windows more stylish and appealing. They add a touch of class and personality to every room. They help to beautify a home and make it unique. You can make each room as individual and unique as you want them to be.

7. Window treatments are energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is a popular selling feature for many home products. Window treatments are no different. Many models provide additional protection from the sun and can help keep your home warm during frigid winter months. They also prevent hot, humid air from entering your home in the summer. Window treatments can help you save significantly on your heating and cooling bills over the course of a year. As they serve as good insulation during peak times of the year, it is important to have these installed by a professional such as Sun Control Center that provides Fort Wayne residential window tinting, to receive the full benefits of any window treatments.

8. They are affordable.

There are window treatments on the market today that are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They are also priced variously for any budget. There are products that range from just a few dollars apiece to a few hundred dollars, depending on the specific product type, brand, and manufacturer. Just be warned that you usually get what you pay for. You can find quality window treatments at discount prices, but take the time to shop around. You’ll want appealing and durable products that will last a long time.

9. They allow you to control how much light you want to allow in your home.

Window treatments put you in control of the amount of sunlight that you want to enter each room. You can allow as much or as little light as you’d like. This helps you avoid overexposure to UV rays. You can control this manually or automatically. You can even set timers to allow light in during peak daytime hours and close them at night. Some units can even be controlled remotely using your smartphone.

10. There is a wide variety to choose from.

There are so many different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. You can select a different window treatment for every room of your home if you so desire. You can always change styles whenever you feel like it. Manufacturers are always coming out with new products every year made of different materials and color patterns. Each company offers a wide variety of product options that are perfect for any taste and budget. The only limits are your imagination and your pocketbook.

11. They help with noise reduction.

Some window treatment products can even help reduce outside noise. This is especially helpful if you live on a busy street or in a neighborhood with a lot of traffic. Window treatments have been used in certain areas to block out both light and sound. Less noise can help you sleep better and relax when you are at home. This can help you feel more refreshed and alert every day as you go off to work and school. You can breathe easier and find peace and solitude at the end of a busy day with noise-resistant window treatments in your home.

12. They are simple to install and operate.

Many window treatments are very easy to install. You can have a professional set them up for you, or you can do it for yourself in less than a day. They are also very easy to operate and maintain. Motorized blinds can be used with the push of a button. You can schedule different times of the day in advance when they are to be opened and closed. It gives you one less thing to worry about.

13. Window treatments stand the test of time.

Window treatment products are built to last. They are constructed from stronger materials than ever before. They stand up to UV rays, inclement weather, and everyday wear and tear from people and pets. Older window blinds and shades use cords and strings to open and close. Those pieces can easily be worn or broken and misplaced over time and repeated use. Most modern window treatments do not have cords or strings that can be broken, tied into knots or easily tripped on. They are very functional and safe. Some manufacturers offer limited or lifetime warranties on different window treatment products.

14. They can be an essential part of your home security system.

People have become increasingly more concerned about their home safety when they are away. Thefts and burglaries in certain areas have been on the rise year after year. You can buy window treatments that open and close automatically. This feature allows you to control when and for how long your blinds and shades are open. You can even control this remotely. A great feature to have when you’re at work or on vacation. Keeping your window treatments closed while you’re away is a great theft deterrent. It gives possible criminals less to look at when they’re casing the neighborhood.

15. They are easy to maintain.

Most window treatments are very easy to clean and maintain. Depending on the type you have, they will either require gentle cleaning with a damp cloth or rag or being washed once a week. Replacement parts are easy to find and install. Window treatments are sturdily built and usually won’t break or need repairs very often. A good rule of thumb is to check your window treatments every week or two. Cleaning should only take an hour or two of your time at most. It’s something you can do on a rainy day or assign as a chore to one of your children. Most window treatments last for years with only minimal maintenance required.

16. Window treatments provide value for your home remodeling dollars.

Window treatments can be seen as an investment in your home’s decor. They may seem a bit expensive at first, but when you consider their practical applications in terms of providing privacy, insulation from the outside, shielding your home’s belongings from harmful UV rays and improving the aesthetics of a room, they actually pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. They last for years and add comfort and beauty to any room in your home. They can even outlast pieces of furniture or appliances in your home.

17. They save you money.

After the initial cost, most window treatments serve as a key component for your energy savings. They are good insulators against the brutal cold of winter and the oppressive heat of summer. They prevent the outside air from coming in. They also guard against inclement weather and ultraviolet rays from the sun. Window treatments can save you a lot of money over time in terms of both energy use and replacement costs. Most modern products are built from materials that have been tested to withstand even the most extreme weather and living conditions. They are less likely to shatter, break or need repairs than older products that are in many homes.

These are just some of the many advantages of adding window treatments to your home. There are many different kinds of products and styles to choose from. Take your time to do your research before making any decisions. There are pre-designed products or you can also have your window treatments custom made by different manufacturers. Take a few minutes beforehand to measure your windows so that you know the exact size products to look for. You should choose products that complement your existing furniture and decor and are priced according to your budget. You should also make an effort to select products that don’t contain sharp edges or small parts that could be hazardous to children or pets.

Blinds, drapes, and shutters are just some of the more common kinds of window treatments that you can buy. There are styles and colors to fit just about any kind of look that you want to achieve. They are also easily interchangeable and often simple to install and remove whenever you see fit. Window treatments provide beauty and comfort for any room. They can help make a house feel a lot more like home.

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