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7 Vaping Mistakes That Can Cost Your Health According to Misthub

7 Vaping Mistakes That Can Cost Your Health According to Misthub

Published by Programme B

With the massive popularity of the e-cigarettes, it is hard to imagine that they were introduced into the world only in 2007, a little over a decade ago. It seems like everywhere we look, people are blowing vapors out of their mouths round the clock. If Vaping Daily stats are anything to go by, by 2018, a total of 40 million US citizens smoked cigarettes. Out of this, around 4.7 million middle and high school students smoked e-cigarettes. You bet the number has gone up in 2019.

While vaping may have certain benefits for heavy smokers and people looking to puff without using the harmful effects of the traditional cigarette, doing it wrong can have detrimental effects on anyone. Misthub sought to find out the vaping mistakes that can cost your health and gathered the following 7 common mistakes.

Using E-cigs with high nicotine levels

Nicotine is a toxic substance that can raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, spike your adrenaline and increase your likelihood of having an attack. E-cig liquids contain different levels of nicotine. The temptation to sample out the juices with high nicotine levels can be overwhelming, especially if you have ever smoked the tobacco. However, Misthub strongly warns against this. A safe vaping experience points to using juices with a lower percentage of nicotine

Buying cheap products

Buying an E-cig can easily drain your pockets in record time. There are plenty of discounts such as Misthub codes on Coupon Cause that can save you some money. Specifically, if you are a student or a heavy smoker, you can be easily repelled by the high price tag on it and end up buying cheap products made from cheap materials. This is a bad idea. You could expose yourself and your entire family to danger. A good example is e-cigarettes with a bad reputation for causing fires and explosions during charging. Better be safe than sorry on this one. This is why many people choose to manage their own vapes by buying vape tanks and replacing their own coils – this way, they can be certain that what they are smoking is safe and tailored to their needs!

Dry vaping

Dry vaping is a common term among e-cig circles which means pulling an empty e-cig. Vaporizers work by heating up an electronic liquid either on a wick or hot coil which subsequently vaporizes the juice. When the liquid runs out, it needs to be refilled. In the event that you forget to refill the liquid, you dry vape – an act that causes a horrible burning sensation at the back of the throat. To avoid this, always check the amount of the liquid of your vaporizer before taking a puff.

Heavy smoking

Smoking an e-cigarette doesn’t spare you from the deadly effects of the traditional cigarette. It is just as addictive and full of the same unhealthy nicotine substance. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it is hard to know when the limit has reached when vaping. The ease of smoking and the available vaping modifications make things even harder.

Don’t pump a lot of nicotine into your system when you had victoriously moved away from it in the first place. Start off slow and follow a natural learning curve if you want to be safe.

Choosing toxic e-juices

Apart from buying cheap equipment and cheap products, choosing a wrong juice base could harm your body in more ways than one. The options on the market can be confusing but the rule of thumb is to go for the less toxic types—the kind that has fewer chemical flavorings.

Ignoring the water bottle

Vaping dehydrates your body. If you have vaped before, you can attest to the fact that the lips tend to become dry after smoking. We can’t get into the details of drinking water now but the bottom line is, you need to drink up lest your body takes a serious beating.


Vaping equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Dirty and run down vaporizer screens, coils and tubes release a dirty vapor that can be quite harmful. Unfortunately, many people ignore this simple task more than all the others on this list. How about you dare to be different?

Vaping can be a thrilling, entertaining and safe experience only if all the healthy practices are followed to the letter. Good thing is that with a little discipline and commitment to taking care of your body, you will hack every last one of them with a little effort.