We're living in the future. We have electric cars, drones, and even legal marijuana. But if you're celebrating your younger self's dream future by behaving like, well, your younger self, then you're doing it wrong. Marijuana is legal now, and you're an adult. Let's make the future a bright one by behaving like the classy modern marijuana smokers that we should all aspire to be, all right?

Below, we'll lay out a few of the things you should do, not do, buy, use, know, and have to be a mature and classy adult smoker.

Have a good online smoke shop

There's nothing wrong with visiting a head shop in person once in a while, but let's face it — those places aren't exactly the Pottery Barn. They're playgrounds for young and wide-eyed stoners, but for those of us who just want to grab a nice bong and get out, they can be a bit much. Of course, you’ll still want a quality shop that sells good brand-name glass and vape products, because nobody wants low-quality smoking products — especially not because we’re trying to be all classy here. The bottom line? It's often better to shop online at a nice glassware boutique like All in 1 Smoke Shop.

Have a good in-person marijuana dispensary

We're going to do you a favor and assume that you're buying your marijuana legally in one of the 10 states in which marijuana is legal for recreational use (or the District of Columbia, which also has legal weed). We recommend that you pick a favorite dispensary and get to know your local shop's staff. It may be a bit intimidating when the friendly staff at your local dispensary tries to recommend you all these crazy-sounding strains, but trust us — just as it pays to get lots of advice from the liquor store staff or the craft beer bar bartender, it pays to listen to the weed experts. They're like sommeliers, but for weed!

Offer to share, but don't make anyone uncomfortable

Weed is legal now, which means that you don't have to hide your habit. But do be aware that other people can be uncomfortable around the drug. By all means, offer to share the good stuff, but don't pressure others, and try not to make guests (whether they smoke or not) feel like they're surrounded by your habit. Unlike drinking a cocktail, marijuana isn't always a totally personal experience, so don't assume that it's OK for you to be stinking up your apartment with marijuana while sober friends are hanging around. Be polite, defer to your guests’ preferences, and keep your habits to your own time.

Class up your gear and storage

You're now free to make your habit public, but that doesn't mean that the gross gear you used to hide is suddenly display-worthy. Do yourself a favor and put your stash in a nice container such as a wooden box or ceramic jar, so that it really deserves a spot next to your wine glasses on your shelf or in your cupboard. A little interior design swagger will go a long way toward making your marijuana stash feel a bit more like a classy whiskey decanter and a bit less like a college stoner’s mess. And store everything properly, so that you aren't always smelling your stash and so that you preserve your marijuana’s freshness and potency.

Obey all smoking-related laws

Marijuana prohibition involved unfair laws, but the laws and regulations that are in place in states that have legalized marijuana are extremely important. You need to obey all of them. Never drive under the influence, never smoke in places where it’s banned, and never bring your drugs to places where they are illegal, such as schools. We’re living in the future, and it’s up to all of us — including us stoners — to make sure that it’s a good future!

Photo by Michael Fischer from Pexels