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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Out with Airsoft

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Out with Airsoft

Published by Programme B

So you want to get started in airsoft but like many others, it can be tough figuring out just where and what you need to play airsoft. Have no fear, as here we’ll list out a couple of tips for airsoft beginners and you’ll be out and firing in no time!

In starting a hobby, you always need to start somewhere. Even the littlest steps is a huge progress. Starting out with best airsoft alternatives like paintball should do the trick.

Where to Play

One of the first things you should consider when you’re starting out is finding a place where you can play Airsoft. Look into any local Airsoft fields and arenas, as these will be your best option for getting the most out of Airsoft. There you’ll find plenty of like-minded people, from beginners to seasoned players, that you can play with in competitive games. Most Airsoft fields also have tons of built-in layouts and obstacles that add to the realism of playing in a military scenario.

The other alternative would be playing in your own backyard. While this convenient location may save you time and money, we still recommend heading down to an airsoft field for a better airsoft experience but the most important reason is safety. Even if you live in a fairly secluded area with a few neighbours, you’re still running around with highly realistic-looking guns that, to any other person from afar, will look like actual firearms. No one wants to have the police called on them thinking that they are active shooters. In the case that you have no other option but to play in your backyard, opt for simple plinking and target practice shooting rather than full-on skirmishes with your friends. Practice caution and make sure your neighbours do know in advance that you’re playing airsoft to avoid any misunderstandings.

Gearing Up: Airsoft Guns

Once you’ve figured out where you can play Airsoft, the next step is getting the proper equipment and tactical gear. If you’re just starting out casual and looking to dip your toes into the world of Airsoft, most Airsoft fields should have basic equipment available for you to rent out for game days. Renting guns lets you try out a variety of guns and this way you can see which type suits you the best and what aspects of these guns you like or dislike. Eventually, you’re going to want to have your own gear if you think you’ll be Airsofting more frequently than for just a few pick-up games. You can look for air rifles and other gear either in stores or online from Airsoft stores.

Every piece of gear you need to get started in airsoft can be found at online stores like Camouflage. Here, you can pick your poison from airsoft pistols to airsoft rifles and all the other necessary gear you need for the field. Obviously, the most important piece of equipment is your choice of gun. There are different types of airsoft guns, with varying power sources to differentiate each type.

Most commonly you’ll find players wielding automatic electric guns, otherwise known as AEGs. Powered by rechargeable battery packs, AEGs use an internal electric motor to propel ammo through the gun with a pump spring. These are the most effective guns out on the field, as they can attain muzzle velocities from 150-650 feet per second and rates of fire from between 100 and 1500 rounds per minute. AEGs are by far the most commonly used and widely available type of airsoft gun on the market, so we definitely recommend going with an AEG if you plan on joining in on games at airsoft fields.

Other common types of airsoft guns include spring-powered airsoft guns and gas-powered airsoft guns. Spring-powered guns, unlike AEGs, are single-shot only and are manually powered only by coil spring to drive a pistol air pump to “blow” airsoft ammo down the gun barrel. This design does not allow for automatic or semi-automatic firing, requiring users to manually cock each shot. Spring-powered airsoft guns are typically cheaper than their electric and gas-powered counterparts, and paired with their simple mechanics they can act as great entry-level training guns for new players to airsoft. Gas-powered guns on the other hand use compressed gas to drive the gun’s shooting mechanism. These types of airsoft guns often come as gas blowback pistols, where electric-powered mechanisms would be rendered impractical due to size constraints.

Once you’re a little more comfortable with your guns and all their working parts, you can look into customizing your airsoft rifles whether if it’s for aesthetic reasons or for absolute optimization during airsoft games. Swap out your gun’s internal parts and upgrade your gearbox for a better performing gun. External parts add to the functionality of your rifle, and can serve as tactical upgrades to give you the upper edge over the other team! Change up your rifle grip, attach a barrel accessory, or cover up your rails – the possibilities are endless for AEG customization.

Gearing Up: Airsoft Apparel

There is a common misconception that you need to be fully geared up in tactical equipment in order to play Airsoft but this isn’t true at all—you can actually play Airsoft with a minimal amount of gear and equipment. If you’re just looking to try Airsoft out in casual wear, aim for at least a long-sleeve top, pants, a pair of goggles, and a helmet for protection. Depending on the Airsoft field and their regulations, some will allow you to play with regular attire. Army and Navy surplus stores like Camouflage will have good quality and extremely affordable gear on sale for beginners. Look for gear that blends in with the terrain if you’ll be playing games out in Airsoft fields.

Now you’ve got your gear and you’ve booked yourself for a game day out at the local Airsoft field, what’s next? Nothing else really, except to enjoy yourself and to not be afraid to make friends and build camaraderie with your squadmates during games. With all these tips in mind, you should be ready to get out onto the field and start off your foray into Airsoft. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and Airsoft away!

Photo by Lukas from Pexels