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The 13 erotic magazines you need to checkout

The 13 erotic magazines you need to checkout

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of the best art/erotica magazines you can glance. Enjoy!

Extra Extra

Fluffer Magazine: contemporary nude photography

Treats! Magazine

Elska Magazine

Elska is a bi-monthly male photography and culture bookazine. Each issue is shot in a different city with local boys and local stories. Available in a classic printed version or a downloadable tablet/iPad version.

Normal Magazine

High-End, French print publication devoted to artistic photography, nude & fashion oriented. Available in librairies & museums. France & Worldwide.

C-Heads Magazine 

Made by women. Since 2006. “We are two sisters, dreamers, and soul searchers. We are drawn to beauty and love. The beauty and love we find in people, nature and the entire world. Forever a wanderer, a beauty seeker drifting deep in our thoughts.” 


Proverbial gun to the head, COY was born from drunken discussions with friends and every spare daydream we’ve had. It’s aspirational in the sense of creating a life we’ve always wanted. With an ability to evolve, it’s whole heartedly selfish, but only in the idea of wanting everything that makes us happy.
We want to be inspired by beautiful art, look fantastic, hang out with mates, and see the world. These are the interests of our generation, and we aim to showcase them.
If that doesn’t make sense, we don’t know how else to put it. This, it’s a culture of yours, and it’s here.


From the outset, we hoped to create a hybrid between book and magazine. A tangible space through which Odiseo could offer up a consciously complex vision of seduction and sensation, all of which should be grounded in the context of a thoroughly multidisciplinary approach

The Amorist 

The Amorist has been created for readers who want to lose themselves between the sheets of a publication that’s as romantic about sex as it is discursive, philosophical, truthful, wayward, wry, flirtatious, occasionally baffled and downright engrossed. A magazine that has a strong historical perspective, because there’s no erotic distraction our forebears haven’t perfected long before us. Science and technology form a strong part of our brief too, since the age of the robot lover is already upon us. And we’ll interview the Casanovas and Cleopatras of our age.

Body Parts Magazine

BPM is an online literary journal featuring horror, unsettling erotica, dark fantasy and Gothic works of weirdness.


PHILE is a biannual journal exploring sexual subcultures, trends, and communities both obscure and well known from an overarching, sociological point of view.


French adult entertainment magazine


Trashy punk erotica