The best solution to increase the size of the penis

Everyone has a desire to require a big and erect penis and there are many techniques to increase the size of the penis. But jelqing is known as the best technique to increase the size of the penis. There are also many ways to jelq but here we discuss the 4 this peer-reviewed article routines which include,

Standard jelqing

One of the best jelqing techniques over the years is the standard jelqing. This has been the backbone of every jelq programmed so no one can ignore how effective is the standard jelqing. A standard routine is also the closest to how original jelqing started, the standard jelqing includes, and the penis must be lubricant and semi-erect. Join the fingers and thumb and make a circle which is placed on the top of the penis. Do the slow, forward and control motion to the penis about 2 –4 seconds. The grip is released right before the head. Do the same thing with the 2nd hand and continue this process for several minutes.

Jelqs and stretches

This is also a popular way of enlargement exercise to increase the size of the penis. It is the basic standard jelqing with stretching specific exercises performed either in between jelq, as is more standard, performed as a closer exercise after your standard are completed. Stretching is very useful to increase the length of the penis. After standard jelqing, rest for a moment and then give stretch to the penis for a while and give it for several seconds then release the penis. Repeat the stretch and hold and then repeat this process again and again to achieve a better result.

Shower jelqing

Shower jelqing is known as the best technique for several reasons, first of all, it is the most convenient way which guys like to do. Most of the men dislike the exercises but in shower jelq you have to find a private place where no one can disturb you for several minutes. The shower is the ideal place to do the jelq because in this place no one can disturb you and you go to the shower daily in routine life. The other main reason is that it may warm your penis much faster and after the jelq you would easily stop the warm water which relaxes the penis and prepare it for a rest, recovery and growth.

Reverse jelqs

This is a great exercise to gain girth. Most of the men in the world like reverse jelq to increase the girth of their penis. Many girls also like those types of men who have the great girth of the penis as above the penis size. Reverse jelq is the process in which you reverse the way of standard jelqing in this way a great increase in the girth size of the penis. Repeat this process again and again and in regular interval of time. Sometimes different grip like V grip is used to do the reverse jelqing. 

Photo by VINICIUS COSTA from Pexels