It is the return of La Cuvée d'hiver a craft beer gathering for beer winter lovers in MTL, which settles in Griffintown, at the beautiful Salon 1861, the time of three evenings from February 28 to March 2. Here are our photos of the event.

Once again this year, La Cuvée d'Hiver invites Montrealers to discover new brewers and exceptional beer, innovative products, and new trends in spirits, gi, and whiskey. Beyond the many products to discover, La Cuvée is known for its festive atmosphere and its growing popularity from year to year.

Photo:  Émilie Lapointe

Photo:  Émilie Lapointe

Building on an atmosphere inspired by the 50s, some activities have been added to the program this year, including a barbershop kiosk and a first exhibition of the tattoo artist behind the beautiful logo, Lydia Marier (Lmariera). You can also see some burlesque shows. Here are our photos of the event.

La Cuvée d'hiver

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